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For the last few years, i've been riding on schwable Durano 11/8 tyres at 80 psi front and 100 psi rear on my ice sprint, which i find are an idea tyre for me for the riding i do. But i have a little speed wobble and feel the trike a little unstable doing 30+. would kojaks 1.35 cure this problem but still give me the same sort of performance the durano give me?
I've found tyres make no difference to the handling of a trike bar grip in corners/when stopping.
I've never had a speed shimmy but I've heard of them ... :sad:
I'd first check over the trike itself for anything worn.
Is there any sideways play in the fold joint/suspension joints ?? I worn fold joint caused my trike to wander at speed last year.
Any play/stickiness in the headsets/steering ?? Worn/stiff bearings causes my trike to hunt for a line on corners.
How are the wheel bearings ?? I've killed a few front ones but no real change in handling.
Are the spokes tight on all the wheels ?? I've had loose front spokes but they only really increased tyre wear.


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Perth, UK
I had a wobble and found that the headsets were a little loose, so probably worth checking them first. As Tiger says check your fold joint because I've noticed that mine has a fair bit of play in it that must be contributing to some "wandering" that the trike has developed.

I don't know what the road surfaces are like near you but up here some of them are truly awful. I tried Duranos on my Sprint 26 and the trike got near shaken to bits. I now use a Furious Fred on the rear and Tioga Powerband S-Spec on the front - these are large volume but light and thin tyres that provide a lot of comfort without sacrificing performance. 30psi in the rear and 35 up front and the handling is excellent, very surefooted.
I have some 1.5"x 20 marathons on a couple of trikes and a set of eastern burnout 2.1 x 20 all round on the 20/20 e-trike The burnouts have minimal rolling resistance and seem to run well . The 1.5 marathons do give a harsher ride

Shimmy is a problem sometimes caused by out of balance tyres . I fitted a couple of rubber washers between the track rod ends and their mounting arms this gives enough stiction to remove the shimmy .

regards emma
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