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I’ve just got myself a second hand GT Aggressor 3 Disc braked 26’ MB (I think although I might be wrong see pictures attached) ) it came with a set of “Schwable Marathons” on it - can I upgrade to a bigger “fatter” tyre on this bike without having to change all the components Re clearance etc ? If so any thoughts suggestions it’s going to be my summer retreat weekend cafe / mountain trail “recreational vehicle”

Any thoughts help much appreciated regards H


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I think you are right about those being Schwalbe Marathons. Tread is identical to the ones in my tourer.

I was able to fit 26x2.1” Schwalbe Smart Sams without any difficulty and I’m sure you’ll be fine with that bike. Those are decent, all rounded tyres (arp)

To be sure, go onto the rim manufacturer’s site to be sure. Perhaps GT too.


Can't advise on bigger tyres, the maximum I've used are 28mm on my road bike, but it looks like you have plenty of clearance to go bigger.

But is your front wheel central, it looks as if it over on one side. Could be the angle of the photo?


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It will all depend on where you want to ride, road, trails, bridleways, those tyres will be fine, but if you want to get muddy & go for more challenging stuff you may need a bulkier tread.


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Having built several bikes with GT Triple Triangle frames, I can thoroughly recommend the Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1


These handled just about everything my GT's threw at them and can run at higher pressures for on road use and lower pressure for off-road.

I love them that much - I still use them on my On One Inbred.
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