1. HumpTdumpty

    Tyres Help ? GT Aggressor Disc 26’

    I’ve just got myself a second hand GT Aggressor 3 Disc braked 26’ MB (I think although I might be wrong see pictures attached) ) it came with a set of “Schwable Marathons” on it - can I upgrade to a bigger “fatter” tyre on this bike without having to change all the components Re clearance etc ...
  2. stevetewk

    Tony Doyle Epic GT

    I'm looking to free this classic Carrera from its life of redundancy.... It's in good nick if a little tired, hoping for a nominal £50.00 Located in Tewkesbury, Glos.
  3. biggs682

    Carrera Tony Doyle epic GT

    Just picked up this very tidy and original Carrera which as some on here will know I have a bit of a soft spot for. With a great retro splatter paint finish on Reynolds 501 tubing . And Shimano exage 300 ex running gear . . Just needs some new tyres and a tweak on the rear spokes .
  4. stoatsngroats

    GT and the BBC on helmet requirements. Maybe best not to start another debate about the subject, but it would be interesting to discuss how such a celebrity may feel that due to status, feels able to make announcements about what should be made compulsory. He says he’s never cycled in London...
  5. roadrash

    ladies GT LAGUNA mountain bike

    Selling on behalf of my daughter in law, bought with all the best intentions and then barely used, she estimates no more than 60 miles , and to be honest it doesn't look like its done that, in as new condition as the photos show, size medium pick up from Urmston, Manchester or I can bring it...
  6. T

    Longshot - anyone want to sell a streetmachine gt lowrider to me?

    Longshot - anyone want to sell a streetmachine gt lowrider to me? Apparently hpv lowriders for the current model don't fit the older version.
  7. roadrash

    GT sold

    seeing as I now have a recumbent trike this has to go. 1994 GT Talera 56cm from bottom bracket to top of seat tube, GT call the colour purple rain and its brilliant , less than 50 miles ago it has had new chain new cassette new brake pads and a new crankset although the crankset is only a cheap...
  8. djb1971

    SOLDFor Sale Gt Zaskar carbon Expert

    Gt Zaskar carbon Expert size M, paid £1900. Used 3 times! selling because my wife has been ill and my bikes are just unused. Only change from the link below is a 30t oval chainring, and foam grips, xt brakes and lovely lime green flat pedals. I may have the original 32t narrow wide. Cash on...
  9. McBrian

    For Sale : 2010 GT Avalanche 2 MTB

    Selling on behalf of my step son a 2010 GT Avalanche 2 MTB (Hard Tail). £125 ono. The bike is in a good/fair condition, my step son has mentioned that it could do with a good full service, I rode it today up and down the street and everthing works just fine for me. It's not been used in any...
  10. Threevok

    GT - Formally owned by Rachel Atherton stolen Hopefully this is going to be spotted quite easily and returned
  11. biggs682

    Retro GT Timberline i drive anyone ?

    Do's anybody have any info on GT Timberline i drive with full suspension ? seen one for sale locally and its looks a bit weird but nice limited info on the net
  12. CycleChat

    GT Grade AL CX (Rival - 2017) Cyclocross Bike £1,274.99 @ Wiggle - Save 25%

    Aluminium grade frame with CX specific geometry Full carbon fork SRAM Rival 1x11 drivetrain SRAM hydraulic disc brakes GT finishing kit Vittoria XG 33c tyres
  13. CycleChat

    Offer: GT Traffic 3.0 (2017) Hybrid Bike £337.49 @ Wiggle

    GT Triple Triangle 6061 Alloy commuter Frame Shimano Tourney 3x7 Drivetrain Promax Mechanical Disc Brakes Innova LandTracker tyres GT All Terra finishing kit
  14. I like Skol

    ***REDUCED TO £35***GT Stomper 20 kids mountain bike for sale - £40 (Manchester).

    I bought this for my oldest son around 2008/9 and both sons have used it for what it is intended and has also been loaned to a friends child for a while but is now surplus to requirements so it is time to sell. Let's get this straight. It is a proper small MTB and has been used for MTB stuff...
  15. roadrash


    Bought a gt talera frame last week, came with a totally knackered pair of wheels, which have been binned, also had front shifter, and brake levers, so been raiding the parts box this weekend,still need to replace the 7 speed block, new chain skipping,and brake pads have been ordered, so a few...
  16. marshmella

    Salvaged GT Aggressor

    Friend of Mrs marshmella is downsizing from a large bungalow with garage to a smallish flat without garage. Says would your husband want a couple of bikes before they get put out for the scrapman. So i nip round this morning to take a look, one is an Argos special and wrecked but the other...
  17. Turdus philomelos

    Giant and GT saddles for sale

    Make me an offer. Two like new saddles. GT Giant
  18. P.diver89

    Info on a GT Aggressor XC3

    After the rockhopper fell through due to him not getting back to me today Iv moved on to a gt aggressor xc3 for £140 sound about right? And what are they like?
  19. flyingfifi


    Am after a old bmx bike between 1985/89 its a GT PRO SERIES with 20inch wheels someone must have a old in the back shed or garage sitting around please help thank you :)
  20. redvision95

    GT Agressor 3.0 Handlebar Size?

    I'm wanting to replace the handlebars on my GT Agressor 3.0 but need to know what size handlebars they take, was wondering if anybody on here knew? I've googled it but seeing mixed answers of 25.4mm and 31.8mm. Anyone able to tell me what size I need?
  21. redvision95

    GT Agressor

    After a little time out of the saddle due to Ill health and having no bike to ride (the bike not worth stealing got nicked :blink: ) I started to scour the usual sites for a nice little cheap bike to start riding again. Spotted this on a local Facebook site, a few messages later I was off to...
  22. Kestevan


    Selling my almost new GT Grade 105 Carbon. I won this in a C+ competition late last year. The bike has only done a few hundred miles and is pretty much like new ( in fact better than new as it has had a new front RHS shift/brake lever replaced under warranty after developing a braking fault)...
  23. DCLane

    On eBay; 1990 GT Timberline MTB, start price £25

    I'm having to thin the collection a bit and this one's been hardly used since I bought it from the original owner. Who, apart from painting stripes on it appears to have done nothing with the bike. It's a 1990 GT Timberline MTB in Medium size. Original tyres and saddle although I've recently...
  24. fleetey

    GT Grade on offer...£360

    Just seen the base model GT Grade 'gravel' bike is on offer £360 or thereabouts at Wiggle. Winter bike?? Aluminium frame with Claris components....only large or medium but looks a good bargain!!
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