GT and the BBC on helmet requirements.

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Maybe best not to start another debate about the subject, but it would be interesting to discuss how such a celebrity may feel that due to status, feels able to make announcements about what should be made compulsory.
He says he’s never cycled in London, so this to me indicates he has very limited experience of something he has only racing knowledge about.
This isn’t meant to be London centric, rather, why does his voice appear to carry weight?
I realise that any ‘report’ will be edited to show the editorial view, and that this may be incorrectly weighted,


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Is he not entitled to have an opinion.


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While I respect his opinion I find this line from the article typical of the mantra preached by helmet users.

"always" wore a helmet - and felt others should do the same.

I sometimes wear a helmet, but I never suggest to anyone they should, likewise I never suggest to anyone wearing one they shouldn't

This was the more useful comment from the article.

The 32-year-old also said cyclists and drivers should "share the road", rather than seeing each other as "enemies"

I don't know what his age has to do with it though.

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Response sent. I don't suppose it will be used.


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Unfortunately due to the fact he won the Tour he has a massive voice, along with that voice comes responsibility. He should be a bit careful what he says on such a sensitive topic. Personally I think his comments risk undoing all the work that Chris Boardman has been doing for the last decade or so and are completely skewed by his life as a racing cyclist totally ignoring by the far majority of cyclists needs.


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G has an opinion, I have no problems with that.
Nor me, but I wish the reporting of it were more balanced.

I do take issue with this
Thomas, argues the development of helmet design in recent years now means there is "no reason not to" wear one.
Yes, helmet design has moved on - but the EN1078 has not been revised in over 20 years.
I do some work in standards in a safety critical industry, and to me that long without revision smells of something very odd going on.
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