1. brookie

    SOLD Specialized Chamonix helmet.

    Specialized Chamonix helmet. Size 54-62 cms, weight 252 gms, colour black. Excellent condition, spare helmet so only used three times. £20 including postage.
  2. K

    Topside Helmet bike light.Unused.

    Hi, I've got this for sale I've just opened the package and nver used it. These are currently £30.00 in Halfords. Fitting bracket for the helmet or handlebars x2. Light has red and white lights which can be run together and seperately and flashing etc. £17.00 all in to your door. U.K only. Thanks.
  3. ianbarton

    Buying a Helmet for My Son

    My son, who lives in London needs a new helmet. We are going to give him one for Christmas. Since we aren't certain what size he is I was going to buy one from Wiggle, so he can return it if it doesn't fit him. However, the Wiggle helmets part of the website has gone into a black hole and can't...
  4. Maherees

    Helmet cam advice.

    Hi all, Had an incident today whereby a HGV driver made little effort to stop at a roundabout and was edging forward cutting down my access to the lane I was trying to enter. I shouted at him and he pulled along side and the got out. The younger, rugby playing me, would have hung around to see...
  5. Brandane

    Yet more helmet BS; by Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary.

    BBC link. Grant Shapps came off his bike and cut his lip. "Thank goodness for the bike helmet, without which it could have been much worse". A bold statement to make, but given the few details of the incident, very hard to quantify. It's just a bit concerning that someone in his position makes...
  6. ericmark

    What to do after a crash with helmet?

    I know with motor bikes we were told not to remove helmet after a crash, but my push bike helmet must have a battery to work the lights on it, and likely that battery is the type which can go on fire if damaged are air gets in, so where there are lights built into a helmet should it be removed...
  7. nmfeb70

    Searching for a reasonably priced helmet cam?

    Hi all, as the title says, I'm looking for a camera which won't break the bank. I've tried the cheap Chinese type but it's impossible to set the time/date, and the battery dies within six months. I don't particularly want a TV screen perched on my helmet and I've set myself a budget of £100 for...
  8. RoubaixCube

    Helmet padding - Replacement pads or new helmet??

    Im running an old KASK Mojito and its probably beyond its 4th year of service and the pads are a big ragged with all the washing. spares have long been discontinued, are very few and far between and £18 where found. But for that £18, a few quid more and i could get a planetX carniac or a ROADR...
  9. lejogger

    Reporting Motorists - Helmet Cam Review

    Do we have a space in the forum for objective review of camera footage? Most of us have been involved in near misses or incidents that have raised our blood pressure more than others. Some have managed to capture these on camera. Sometimes the emotion we feel may be enhanced by other...
  10. E

    How long should a helmet last

    Yes Yes Yes - I know - let's not make this about whether or not to have a helmet please I wear a helmet because 1) my wife feels happier about me wandering around roads on a bike if I wear a helmet - hence when the doorbell goes and I come back in with a parcel - when she asks what it is and I...
  11. Brandane

    More helmet BS; by Carol Kirkwood.

    Carol Kirkwood was knocked off her bike by a car last year. She has been reliving the traumatic event in various parts of the media today, which is all very good until she mentioned the H word.... So her nose "hit the deck", but somehow the rest of her face was saved by a peak at the front of...
  12. The Central Scrutinizer

    MIPS Helmet

    I've got a £25 Halfords gift voucher and after going through all my cycling gear i seem to have ample.Then i thought i have been considering getting a MIPS helmet and halfords do this one https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bike-helmets/adult-bike-helmets/lazer-compact-dlx-mips-helmet-133822.html...
  13. Anthony.R.Brown

    Pro Cyclists definitely need to wear a Crash Helmet! :(

    You only have to look at the amount of Crashes in the Tour de France going on at the moment to understand the title of this thread!
  14. N

    New helmet ?

    Hi all, looking at new helmets and have a couple issues i could do with some help with. A lot of lids I've tried seem to sit high on the head like a mushroom I fancy something a little sleeker ( don't need an aero helmet) have been checking out HJC as they look like they would fit the bill...
  15. LisaG71


    After much searching and research I finally found the perfect helmet. Bit pricy, but good protection.. But, I need some advice. Is the plumage on top to big?
  16. Milzy

    Helmet size.

    I’m a 56 head. The helmet I like is sold out in medium but the small is 52-56. The medium is 54-58. I should be ok with the small with a hat on right? Or would you go M & be in between instead of at the outer edge?
  17. Pedropete

    FS: 2020 Bell '4Forty MIPS' helmet: large, anthracite/orange

    Was the lucky recipient of a Bell Sixer for Christmas and really don't need two visored MTB lids. This is the 2020 model, purchased in October of last year and has been worn no more than 30 times for general utility/runabout duties. It's never been crashed or dropped and is in excellent...
  18. livpoksoc

    Cleaning helmet straps (mould)

    A bit niche, but does anyone have any tips for cleaning mould from helmet straps? I have 3, kept in the garage but just went to get one out and all 3 have some form of mould on them. I assume the garage has got a bit more humid than usual as I've been zwifting in there this winter whereas I...
  19. anothersam

    Not a helmet thread

    Appearances to the contrary, I’m not a hat person. It’s pandemicwear to lock down my overabundant hair. Do you like hats? Have a favourite?
  20. jim55

    Helmet choice

    What's a good helmet right now I had a kask when I had a good road bike ,IV just bought a specialized sirrus hybrid so a style that won't look out of place,I liked the kask as it didn't have the mushroom look,normally I'd just go down to decathlon and try them but it's shut now,so online order...
  21. bobsinatra

    New bike helmet

    Hi I currently have a Trax helmet which is a bit small, and a relic from maybe 15 years ago. I ride a road bike and budget is between £50 - £75. Know some helmets have a light in the back of them, but not sure if they bit of a fad? I tend to go out for a couple of hours and do 30 miles...
  22. E

    replacing the padding strips in a Helmet

    Yes - Wear a helmet which creates a problem - when I ride I sweat - especially in the summer and going up hills and - after several years (since I broke my arm and my old helmet got badly dented) the padding strips inside are getting a bit crushed and - basically a bit minging so I was think...
  23. gmclean

    New helmet time

    Dropped mine and cracked the shell so... https://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk/48421/products/abus-aduro-21-road-cycling-helmet--orange.aspx I know nothing about the brand (or the store), but determined to get an orange helmet (I've got an orange theme going on...). Advice welcomed!
  24. S

    Helmet camera. Drift Ghost X any good?

    My trusty contour roam is dying after 8 years service. It's deciding not to record when it's supposed to or reject memory cards so not good. So I'm looking for a "low profile" replacement. One camera that caught my eye is a Drift Ghost X. Has anyone on here got one? If so how did they find...
  25. olivertomberry

    Bike helmet pad replacement

    Does anyone know of any decent helmet padding replacement kits? The foam pads on my old Giro Hex are worn out, and I can't get model specific ones except from Germany. Just wondering if anyone's come across a good universal kit? Found this but it's quite pricey as it comes from Switzerland...
  26. T

    Pedals and helmet feedback

    Hello all I am looking for budget friendly dual pedal (platform/SPD) and helmet (each under 60 pounds) I will provide what I found below as it is hard to suggest something that is not available nearby or in north america. If you think that is not enough 60 pounds each let know so I can increase...
  27. G

    Helmet but not safety

    That got your attention. I'm thinking of buying a helmet but don't want to get started on protection or lack of offered by a helmet. My question is different. I currently wear a cap when out on the bike. I sweat. A lot. No really a lot. Would the airflow provided by a helmet help with this? It's...
  28. J

    Suggestion for decent / cheap(relative) / MIPS Lid for Hybrid / Road use. Recommendations?

    Hi, Being new to cycling looking for a decent lid. I currently have a hybrid, running roads/mild trails but will probably add a road bike soon. Want a decent lid, but obviously as with all things cycling price can vary dramatically. Beyond a point, I am note sure more money = more protection...
  29. A

    Helmet is hurting my head

    Today was the first time I went on a long bike ride wearing my new helmet after wearing it for about an hour it hurts my head in both sides towards the back of the head. I tried loosening it and repositioning it a bit forward and then back. But it persisted hurting my head. Why is this...
  30. GmanUK65

    Just ordered a Brand-X EH1 Enduro MTB helmet

    I've ordered the helmet in the title but it was kind of an impulse buy as I'd scoured the Internet for 2 hours and every helmet I wanted were out of stock so just seen it and ordered it. It did have one 1 lined 5 star review though. I am now having second thoughts. I cannot find any reviews any...
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