1. brookie

    Specialized Tactic II helmet

    Specialized Tactic II helmet. Mint condition, very little use, no marks or damage. £23 including postage.
  2. MrGrumpy

    Just broke my exposure helmet mount

    Brand new mount and I’ve managed to break it tightening it up on my bike helmet . Fuming !! £20ish on eBay for a new one . Hope the super glue works :-(
  3. rich p

    New helmet required

    Can anyone recommend a helmet make/model/style that doesn't make you look like a prat. I'm very vain.
  4. Dave7

    Replacement foam pads for helmet (part 2)

    This is not another "when should a helmet be replaced" thread.....PLEASE ^_^. Approx 5 years ago I looked in vain for replacement pads as IMO the helmet itself was fine. I ended up buying a new helmet. 5 years on and I am/was in the same situation ie helmet is IMO fine but the pads were falling...
  5. johnnyb47

    What glue should I use on my helmet

    Hi, Don't worry i don't intend on glueing my helmet back together, but more so of the soft foam lining that velcro,s inside it. I took mine out tonight to give it a quick rinse under the tap, only to find out the soft foam is coming unstuck from the velvet type material. The helmet is one of...
  6. I

    Kask Mojito spare helmet pads

    Anybody got any spares of these kicking around please? I`m happy to pay up to £10 for them, and whatever the postage costs. Been looking online for replacements and there`s no way I`m paying upwards of £17 for them with postage of £5-6 on top! I`d rather stick with my own disgusting and thin...
  7. Grendel

    Livall Smart Helmet MT1

    Inside the helmet there are controls mounted just inside the brim, power on, volume up and down, co-located with a microphone and a charging port. This charging port is one of my few (possibly only) dislikes about the helmet, as while it’s waterproof and pretty much idiot proof, it’s also unlike...
  8. Suddabym

    Cycle helmet cam

    can anyone please recommend a decent camera for my helmet I’m on a tight budget anything between £20-£40 thanks :-)
  9. Phaeton

    Neck ache with helmet

    Not worn a helmet since I swapped from road to MTB, but I now go out with my 7YO grandson who is made to wear one by his mother/father, my daughter/SIL, that is their choice & I was not going to argue with them. However it did cause a couple of questions from the grandson & the pressure...
  10. S

    Specialized Helmet 'trade in'?

    Does anybody have any experience of this please? I am led to believe that if I trade in my old Specialized lid, I can get a like for like replacement with 40% off? Old one is c. 5 years old and although not been crashed or had any notable impacts, seems about right to change for a newer (newer...
  11. johnnyb47

    Livall Smart Helmet BH60SE review

    Hi again. About a month ago I considered buying the above Helmet and asked what you thought about it. I got a mixed reception on it, and my curiosity finally got the better of me and took the plunge and bought one. They usually retail around the 100 pounds mark, but Halfords were doing a...
  12. JoeWakefield03

    Mounting GoPro mount on helmet

    Hi guys, I have a sixsixone Recon helmet and I don’t know where to attach my GoPro mount in a solid, decent position. I have been considering the side but I want it to be central on the top of the helmet so I was wondering if I can file down a section on top of the helmet to allow a mount to be...
  13. Paul Walters

    Helmet Camera advice please

    After being deliberately driven at on my commute yesterday I am thinking of buying a helmet Camera. Can someone please recommend one? GoPro are well outside my budget. I'm looking for something with adequate definition to identify a number plate if necessary and with a battery life longer than...
  14. johnnyb47

    The Livall bh60se helmet

    Hi again. I had a promotional email from Halfords the other day stating they will give you 20% off a new helmet if you trade your old one in.I think they were also doing other similar deals to but i didn't really look at them So when i saw this 20% promotion on a new helmet my curiosity and...
  15. J

    Helmet survey

    If anyone has anytime, i am doing some research for a study about when people wear a helmet. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TXQXCFS
  16. Icemanhgv

    Helmet on a recumbent

    Wearing a helmet, yes or no")
  17. Rusty Nails

    Helmet threads moderation delay

    How long does it take to get a post printed? Some seem to get through immediately, while others can wait more than 10 hours. Is the poster informed of non acceptance and the reason.
  18. Cycleops

    Folding Helmet

    I think this may have been mentioned on here previously but does anyone think it will lead to more people wearing a lid, being any more convenient or indeed to a reduction in injuries? https://amp.businessinsider.com/spacex-engineers-bike-helmet-reduce-fatal-crashes-2018-10
  19. M

    can you buy replacement helmet pads/liners

    Have an old helmet from days of riding with my kids. Recently noticed the felt cover on the pads inside have come off, so I'll sometimes have nice big black marks on my forehead where the internal padding has rubbed off. These look like they're just velcroed on - the helmet has little dots with...
  20. Andy in Germany

    Helmet Standards

    I've just been in a discussion about Helmets with a downhill enthusiast in Germany who claimed that "All cycle helmets in Europe are now built to the same standard as motorcycle helmets". I'm not sure how that can be the case except possibly with the more high end downhill helmets. Does anyone...
  21. stoatsngroats

    GT and the BBC on helmet requirements.

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45312756 Maybe best not to start another debate about the subject, but it would be interesting to discuss how such a celebrity may feel that due to status, feels able to make announcements about what should be made compulsory. He says he’s never cycled in London...
  22. jefmcg

    Is this the stupidest helmet innovation...

    ...since the last one? https://cyclevision.com.au A helmet with embedded cameras: are you worried helmets offer too much protection? Easily fixed by adding adding hard plastic and glass and metals in the middle of your forehead and near the base of your skull. Can't see how that could go wrong.
  23. tom73

    cycle helmet keep or replace?

    Out on the bike this morning at a set of light's car in front set off a bit too slow (can't rule out on purpose) and I lost balance and came off. One driver did stop to see if i was ok so thank you for that. I'm ok not too bad a few minor grazers. My head did hit the pavement but not with any...
  24. I like Skol

    Cutting edge helmet research or more of the same?

    Since a serious RTA injury I suffered earlier this year i have been giving much consideration to my current 'no helmet required' stance. I have obviously come under considerable pressure to begin wearing a helmet from partner, freinds, medical staff and every Tom, Dick & Harriet who has heard...
  25. Mistyscot

    Lesson learned NEVER ride without your helmet !

    On Wednesday we decided to go for a short ride on our mountain bikes along part of the Suffolk costal path.. as we were preparing we discussed wearing or not wearing helmets.. we always wear them when road riding.. but it's a grassy trail with no traffic so no real hazards but we decided that it...
  26. U

    Helmet Advice

    I am colour blind and going to buy a helmet, it says the colour is Black, Blue, purple The helmet looks black and blue to me, which bit is purple?
  27. Blue Hills

    Recommend a Cheap Planet X helmet

    My spesh helmet has inexplicably bust its internal strap. Have two other helmets in other places but need a quick replacement. Anyone got any experience of any of Planet X's road/general commuting style helmets? Am prepared to take a risk on sizing - modern helmets adjust a lot, I have a fair...
  28. Kernow_T

    SOLD*Price drop* BNIB Lazer Cyclone Matt Brass Helmet - med

    Ideal 'do it all' lid RRP £30 Well reviewed and bargain price View: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bgn-fr1gOeU/ http://road.cc/content/review/116703-lazer-cyclone-helmet Only been out the box for pics £18 posted >>>£14 posted
  29. G

    Spare Helmet

    Hi there I have two spare helmets - does anyone know if these can be donated anywhere? I phoned a community bike place in Glasgow but, as they are a safety item, they don't take them, which is understandable. Any other ideas? I thought maybe a charity shop?
  30. Globalti

    Folding helmet recommendation please!

    Just looking for one for Gti Junior who rides around town a lot. Seems to me there is: Overade Plixi and Morpher Folding - both look a bit naff. Headkayse One - looks great but not yet actually in production. Have I missed any?
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