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What's a good helmet right now I had a kask when I had a good road bike ,IV just bought a specialized sirrus hybrid so a style that won't look out of place,I liked the kask as it didn't have the mushroom look,normally I'd just go down to decathlon and try them but it's shut now,so online order only from them ,is planet X worth a look?


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Stick with Kask :okay:
Cripes, this has gone up.
Got mine in red for £25.
Nice helmet though and I found it easily as good as the £80 plus spesh i had to replace.
I'd look at planetx i think, range of styles, excellent prices, as safe as anything.
Oh, if it helps, i reckon few except the glamourously chisselled look good in a helmet. Tho cool shades help.

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Thing is I've not got it any more ,a my gear 4 bikes helmets tools ,all up in smoke ,my shed went on fire,so need everything
Jeez that's awful ! Any idea how the fire happened ?

Different helmets fit different shape heads. Like you - kask fit me nicely so I'd be tempted with that. Who doesn't love a mojito ?

I have got a funky Planet X helmet with a visor - it's fine but the kask is nicer.

They've all passed the same tests so it's up to you really. Might be worth having a punt on a px helmet.


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There's plenty of us who just ride bikes, without seeing the need to wear helmets. I don't see many pedestrians putting them on to walk down the road, so why should cyclists need them?
Choice John, Choice.


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Nowt wrong with coordinating your outfit, loads seem to do it. Not my bag but why not?
Agree with the OPs comment about the Kask not making him look like The Mekon, that is one of my criteria :okay:. The Specialized Airnet is good in that respect.
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I would like one with a rear light on it - built in so no sticky out bits to get caught on branches
and - ideally a visor that goes in front of my glasses to catch all the random bugs and stones - and protect from bright sun

probably a pipe dream

also - is it worth paying more for MIPS - or is it just hype
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