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I am planning to get a new bike in the New Year.

I have all but decided upon the Dolan L'Etape 22 speed Rival.

I wanted Sram gearing and this Carbon framed bike comes in at a very attractive £999. Like the black frame with the yellow/white detailing. Will go for Yellow bar tape.

I am planning on upgrading the wheels to some handbuilt Archtype H Son (in black).

So to complete the bling effect i would love some tyres with Yellow trim.

I was all set on getting the Conti 4000 Grand Prix s II ( i use these on my current summer bike) which have a very nice variety with yellow sidewall trim.


But i can only find this in 700 x 23c (apart form the all black version)and would really like to stick to 700 x 25c that i currently use. Can you get the 4000 GP S II in 25c in yellow?

If not are the any yellow trim tyres others people would recommend that compare with the 4000 GP S II in terms of rolling resistence and puncture protection.

Its all very sad i know but i had kinda got my heart set on some bling tyres to match the bike!


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There are virtually no coloured tyres in a 25mm. I have failed before to find red

I quite like Pro 4 endurance - can get those in yellow for a decent price in a 23mm

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/michelin-pro4-endurance-folding-road-tyre/?lang=en&curr=GBP&dest=1&kpid=5360493290&sku=5360493290&ci_src=18615224&ci_sku=5360493290uk&ds_e_ad_type=pla&utm_source=google&utm_term&utm_campaign=Michelin - Shopping&utm_medium=base&utm_content=sD2xceUhn_dc|pcrid||pkw||pmt||prd|5360493290uk&dest=1&curr=GBP

There are these tubulars, no idea what they are like


The yellow of course will be dirty as soon as you ride the bike but get the need for coloured tyres!


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Thanks Viks.
Why dont manufacturers do coloured tyres in more than just 23c ? makes no sense as 25 is the new 23!!

I did spot those Veloflex ones earlier when i was trawling the net. Not sure about the all yellow tyres though.....as you say the dirt will somewhat diminish the look. Think i prefer the more 'elegant' and 'subtle' look of the Michelin and Conti trims.

Had never really thought about having coloured tyres before now tbh. i have used the all black GP 4000 S in the summer and the 4 Seasons over the winter.

But now i really want some colour!


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I don't really think there's a lot of difference between 23mm and 25mm tyres, I have both on different bikes. I'd go for the Michelins, been quite happy with mine (ok I have the grey 25mm, but on a steel bike, 23mm on the carbon)
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