Ugliest bike ever


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now I saw that in Cycling Plus last month - AND I WANT ONE. LOVE IT.

Ugly is any light green Bianchi or bikes with lower seat stays, BMC, Giant, GT etc

Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that.
There should be a warning next to the link about the graphics.

And knowing that Carbon has an issue with structural integrity, they came up with this.


Cycling in the sun
Wasn't that bike or something similar at the Bespoked show?


Is it a Game of Thrones commemorative edition?

Aside from the price of the frame you'd need a servant to clean it with a toothbrush.

Ian H

Ancient randonneur
It looks a little as if they've welded three collapsible steering columns together. I'll file it under amusing but pointless.

ANT 666

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Wierd! bet its noisy with the wind whistling though the mesh.

At the end of the day the frame is just the thing that keeps the wheels apart.
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