Uneven wear on tyres


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Hi all, been out on a ride yesterday I have notice that my front tyre is more worn on the right side than the left. When i got home the rear tyre are the same more worn on the right side. They are Vittoria Rubino Pro 25mm and only done 1800 miles.



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I blame roundabouts :whistle:


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If you are right handed you will probably find that you are subconsciously happier going around right hand bends/corners quicker then you are left, motorcyclists experience the issue, along with the roundabouts as mentioned above.


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And your tyre labels may.not be readable from the correct side, so OCD cyclists will shrivel up with horror.

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They are Vittoria Rubino Pro 25mm and only done 1800 miles.
Irrespective of the uneven wear, for which I can offer no better suggestion as to cause than those above, allow me to observe that those 'cracks' in those tyres seem an 'open invite' to shards of whatever to lodge and work their way tubewards. I have just replaced a 4 Seasons with 8000+ miles on it (622-28) which has got the odd nick but that's all (admittedly 3 times the price). Only swapped it out because I have some long rides coming up (starting with 450+km on Friday) which I wish to finish, preferably without unplanned 'stops', and have fitted a 'faster' tyre (4000SII).
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Those tyres were made with the new asymmetric polymer durometry technology. Unfortunately they were meant for use on the continent, where the mean turning direction is the opposite from that in the UK. Probably a warehouse/picking mistake. I hope it isn't a case of a batch of them reaching the UK. However, DO NOT reverse the tyres. As @MichaelW2 warned, then your brakes won't work.


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1800 miles suffice for this?
I googled them, found this advertisement on a webshop:

Unique Graphene compound
Very lightweight and little rolling resistence.
Weight: 225 gram
Very durable and flatresistent.
All weather.
The perfect allround race tire.
150 TPI
3C compound with 3 kinds of rubber for optimal grip and durability
Color: black graphene: graphene is a kind of carbon alike used for your grey pencil.

I found an interesting mix of reviews here:
One is a similar report:
Aug 01, 2012
This tire (the Vittoria) lasted about a month and a half maybe 500 miles. Rear tire eventually sliced open (1 inch or so) without my hitting anything significant. Examining the tire there were slices all over the tire (never saw this on the Tioga's running the same route). Front tire is also already squaring off. Tire grips nicely in both good weather and wet I like the high pressure and weight. But with a durability issue like this I won't buy them again. Suggest avoiding them.
An explanation could be a bad production batch.

need an info - is there anything available that's not made in Taiwan, or Asia. had 100% miserable experience with a few tire brands made overseas and 100% success with the same tires made in Europe.
last case is almost catastrophic failure with Vittoria Rubino Pro made in Taiwan...luckily removed the front one after found serious cracks...
Just shows.
I have had similar experiences with made in china/asia... for a remarkable variety of products.
They discovered people start to know, and use some tricks to disguise without breaking laws.
For ex, shoes, on the insole, heel, big text high contrast color with insole, Designed in Germany. Or in France. Or even in the city Paris (not a country haha).
Noticed it? "Designed in..." Not "Made in".
But to meet laws, production country has to be put on it. So what did they do: they put it in fine silver text on the lightbrown of the fabric of the inner, under the tip, only visible when holding the shoe under an sharp angle while looking alike the viewer suspects a rat hids there.
Also, "quality control or QC <number>" serves also as a red flag for rubbish.
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