Unfair and scrooge like?

I can not go into to much detail at the moment, because the person I'm about to tell you about might not want any publicity etc. So, lets call him Joe.

Joe was having problems at home and was eventually thrown out. After sleeping rough, on the street, for a few days he went to a homeless refuge centre, where he managed to get some tempary accomidation.

At the same time as being thrown out of his family home he was also un-employed. He noticed a full time job advert posted on a resterant window and duely applied. He got the job as a chef. Things where getting better :rolleyes:


This so called full time job as slowly become a part time one. Over the past few weeks his hours have been reduced. I think the average was 12 hours per week.

I found out yesterday that Joes work hours for this week are ZERO! The week before christmas. How on earth is Joe supposed to eat, pay his rent (Admitidly low) etc?

Also (Apparently) last week he was informed that his (low) rent was mistakenly to low and he had to pay ALL of the arriers, which left him with out any money for food etc.

I'm thinking that the local TV/media might be intrested in this, but they might take things to far.

I'm thinking of doing a short ameture vidieo, naming the (National) resterant chain on the grounds that there actions are totally unfair, if not illigal. Is the term 'constructed dismissel'? I'm then thinking that after I have given them a chance to comment I will post the clip on youtube.

What do you think? Advice?

Any comments.

Appologies if this is not the right place to post this


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You seem to be really involved with poor Joe's hard luck story. But before you begin to throw your weight around it might be best to remember that there are always two sides to every story and people who are down on their luck are expert at painting themselves as the victim. If the restaurant chain is somebody like MacDonalds, they will have a professional and resourceful litigation department. Do you want to set yourself up as their target?

And whatever you do, don't lend Joe your money.


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I agree with Mr P. The CAB are great for dealing with things like this.

The rental situation sounds especially dubious to me. I hope things get better for 'Joe'.


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Be very cautious of getting involved with this person LotTP. I realise that this sounds very harsh, particularly as it is the season of goodwill etc. but you have a lot more to lose than this guy and you may not know the whole story. I would limit yourself to directing him towards professional help and let them deal with it. Otherwise you may find yourself getting sucked in and ruining Christmas for you and your own family.

Remember, there is only one person who can really help Joe, and that is Joe.


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I'd suggest the CAB route - they are the professionals at sorting this sort of thing out. The main things I would imagine need to be checked are the job and housing contracts. People at the CAB will do this day in day out and know what to look for.

I can see Dom's point and I mostly agree, but at the end of the day, if you have a reason to get involved, and feel the need to help, it is up to you to do what makes you feel right (and is best for helping Joe). As long as you go into the process with your eyes open. Campaigning against the chain shouldn't be a first step, only one you take after all the other steps have tried and failed. So take advice first. If you get the chain's backs up, is that likely to benefit Joe? Would he want to work there again? Would it really stop them doing the same to someone else? Is it better to get recompense, and then for him to get another job, perhaps this time with a better idea of his rights etc? Make the whole experience as constructive as possible. Which reminds me, the phrase is "constructive dismissal".
Thank you for your suggestions etc. I have suggested the CAB route, and that is all. It seems as though 'Joe' can not be bothered to help him-self, so there's no way I'm going to help, other then a bit of advice. Some people make things worse for themselves.

* My mind just boggled! *


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Lord of the Teapot said:

Also (Apparently) last week he was informed that his (low) rent was mistakenly to low and he had to pay ALL of the arriers, which left him with out any money for food etc.

Nope. He will have an assured shorthold tenancy. The landlord can't do this legally.
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