Unfeasibly good luck...


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Unfeasibly :ohmy:..is that right :shy:
Just got a singlespeed a couple of weeks ago, bit of an oddball with 650A wheelset, which it turns out were common in France. The tyres should be 590 X 28...but its fitted with 26X1.3/8's which work, albeit a bit wide.

Done a bit of searching and i'll struggle to get 28's. No problem, its just a plaything.

So...to the point...riding about a mile from mine, i saw some items dumped in a parking area (they tend to do that here, the bin men or council take the stuff after a few days). As i rode past, i thought 'there's a cycle tyre in amongst that lot :tongue:'
Picked it up, brand new, still in its cellophane wrapping...a 590 x 28 Raleigh whitewall tyre :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Looks brilliant on the bike...just need another one now.

Whats the chances eh !!


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You have obviously been a good lad.........:ohmy: khama and all that..:shy::biggrin:


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Nipped to the toilet last week while waiting in the parking bays for a lift home from the LBS. When I got back some person had nicked my new tyre....


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I had a bit of ebay good luck recently.

black 105 right hand shifter, brand new, for £20 buy it now ;)
Wonder if I should use it or flog it on!
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