Unreasonable or not ??


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On 29th June I ordered my place to do the London to Southend run. However, the booking did not go smoothly.

I went on to www.bike-events.co.uk and ordered. Got through and paid, but then was returned to www.bike-events.com instead and that did not display. I assumed therefore that there was a fault with the site, plus email. Later in the day the www.bike-events.com site seemed OK and I therefore used the contact form to ask for confirmation that they received the order. Unfortunately, I received no reply. I then emailed them at enquiries@bike-events.com with:-

"I used your contact form on www.bike-events.com last Tuesday 29 June, but no
reply :rolleyes:

When I paid to do the London to Southend run your site failed. I did
receive payment acknowledgement, but as your site was then failing, I must
presume that also impacted on your email system as well. Hence I contacted
you to confirm you had received notification of the order.

Please now confirm.


but still no reply :wacko:

Am I being unreasonable in expecting a business to respond by now?

mark barker

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Swindon, Wilts
The joys of emailing companies! I gave up contacting companies by email a long time ago, as I found that they were so slow to reply. Sadly it seems that many companies feel the need to have on-line shops and flashy websites, but they forget that someone needs to check the mailbox once in a while!
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