Update to my previous images, the Galaxy now has bar end shifters and a Carradice bag.

Ming the Merciless

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I shall gaze at the Milky Way tonight and see if I can spot the shifters.

Rickshaw Phil

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I like that.:okay:


Very smart.

If you want rid of the insulation tape at the changer end, you can hide it. Just cut the start of the tape at and angle and tape it on that cut line to the bar, and then as you wrap you cover up the insulation tape with the bar wrap and it all holds fine.

As demonstrated (there is a single bar end shifter on this bike that's hard to see) with some very bright bar tape, which I appreciate will not be to everyone's tastes, especially on the touring forum😂

Pale Rider

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Very smart.

I see one of the pics was taken on the cycle track from Newcastle to Wylam which runs along the north bank of the Tyne.

It's a pity the obvious loop back to the Toon using the track on the south side is now closed just outside Wylam.

Apparently, part of the track fell into the river a few weeks ago.

In echoes of the Humber Bridge path discussion on here, the closure at Wylam had to be reinforced because people were clambering around it.

Worse, there's no date for the reopening.

No doubt significant earthworks will be needed at a likely cost of tens of thousands.
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