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What does everybody recommend me upgrading on my Carrerra hardtail mtb?
Gym membership this time of year. Come spring you would have upgraded your legs.:okay:


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It so much depends on a load of factors:

- what’s on it now?
- what is wrong with what is on it now?
- what do you do with it?
- what do you want to do different or better with it?
- how much do you want to spend?

Obvious options include wheels (lighter and/or stronger) and fork (lighter and more adjustable). Beyond that things like chain set, brakes etc are usually done for a little bit of weight and for extra bling.

My Cube hardtail is still running all the original components save for the wheels, which I recently replaced to get wider rims. Oh and the saddle is a replacement as the original wore out.


Dont upgrade anything if it does what you want it to do. If you think it doesn't perform well in certain areas then upgrade them.

Personally the first thing on my list would be tyres. They can totally transform a MTB. Also, couple that with tubeless. Beyond that would be brakes, fork, wheels then finishing kit.

Skies the limit with upgrades so you need to work out at what point you stop and if you should just chop it in for a higher spec bike.


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Good point on the tyres and especially tubeless. Best thing I ever did. I used to regularly get punctures on tubes and after going tubeless over 2 years ago not only did I notice the reduced weight but I have never had a tyre-related stop whilst out on the bike. In fact the day I first rode tubeless was the day I got my first and only Strava KOM.... for whatever that’s worth.
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