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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by sevans0579, 20 Jul 2012.

  1. sevans0579

    sevans0579 Regular

    Hi, i am basically after some advice. I have a Giant Rapid 3 and i must say its amazing, however i am looking for that extra bit of speed. I do find after around 20 miles of riding my wrist and back begin to ache a little and i was wondering about upgrading to a 'proper' road bike. I was thinking maybe the giant defy or specialised elite? I am stocky and was wondering if i am too big for a road bike, but i was watching freddie flintoff and lawerence dallagio on TV on Discovery and they seemed fine. Would i benefit from upgrading or just keep to the hybrid? Also is the Defy or Elite good bikes? i only mentioned defy because i like the giant series. I hope you can advise,
  2. gary in derby

    gary in derby Well-Known Member

    I Have a giant rainier mtb, love it. But about six months ago wanted a bit more so got myself a specialized tricross. not quite a road bike but near enough for now. its a brilliant bike and not touched the giant since. didnt go for an all out road bike as im a beefy bugger to.
  3. 2wd

    2wd Canyon Aeroad CF 7.0 Di2

    +1 for the Tricross

    I have a Tricross Sport with Tiagra and love it

    Put Conti Hardshell 28mm tyres on and bought a spare wheelset for the 32mm CX tyres

    Its a tough go anywhere bike
  4. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    My mtb and roadie are both Giant. The specialized are good bikes,but the Sectuer isn't great. The Roubaix costs about £1300 :eek
    I tried a cube peleton which is also good,but the Defy 1 felt great from the moment i got onto the bike.
    Defy 1 is mainly 105
    Defy 2 is Tiagra

    Go ride one :smile:
  5. P.H

    P.H Über Member

    These aches could be caused by your position on and the fit of the bike. I would be looking to sort this out before considering a new bike, though it is possible that the optimum position isn't achievable on your current bike. If you haven't already got them, bar ends allowing you to change hand positions might help with the wrist ache. You could spend a lot of time, trouble and expense with trial and error, or go get a professional fitting session. I'm sure you can get recommendations local to you, I'd prefer to use someone who isn't trying to sell you a bike, expect to pay £50 - £100, IMO it's money well spent.

    We're all looking for that^_^
    Apart from the effort you put in, the three things that govern speed are aerodynamics, rolling resistance and weight. The first is again back to position and your current bike is already pretty good on the other two. If you rode the best of road bikes in your current position I doubt you'd be much faster. If you find a way to comfortably improve your aerodynamics, you'll be faster on any bike.
  6. Peteaud

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    South Somerset
    Defy are damn good bikes, i have the Defy 2 from 2010.

    I also have a hybrid.

    both are completely different machines. The defy is comfy and fast, but if me and the mrs go for a pootle then its always the hybrid, a nice comfy triple.

    a hybrid should be comfy, also add bar ends makes an amazing amount of difference, did for me anyway
  7. wait4me

    wait4me Über Member

    I've got a Giant Escape 1.5 which isn't too different from your Rapid 3. I had the same problem and
    similar thoughts, but I fitted bar ends (about £12 on ebay) I got the geuine giant ones ....see http://www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk/product/26970/Giant_Contact_Aluminium_Bar_Ends
    They certainly cured any discomfort and saved me about £900 for the road bike I fancied.
  8. On a straight one to one over a short distance you wont gain much but over a longer distance you will gain from the more positions (drops/hoods/flat) and you'll also gain from the more aerodynamic position particularly in strong winds.
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