upper back pain


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I've been doing quite a bit of touring, but having pain in the upper back, back of shoulder and back of my neck. I think it might be because my handlebars are too low. thoughts please..



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In my experience bars too low gives pain in the wrists and upper shoulders. Upper back pain sounds like you are reaching too far. Can you try bringing the saddle forward a bit, or ideally a shorter stem ?


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thanks for reply

i definitely think i'm reaching too far

i tried moving the seat forward but this caused pain in my knee so i moved it back. i might try it again now my knee is better. i had a shorter stem fitted but i still think i'm reaching too far. its a threadless stem so not easy to get raised


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Chris I would really recommend a fitting session or use this online tool:-


You'll need someone to help you take the measurements but it does give a pretty decent starting point. Getting the saddle height and setback correct was key for me, after that other things seem to click into place. Though it doesn't give a saddle to bars height differential it does give a nose of saddle to bars distance. There are 3 results given, racy, in between and relaxed. I've found that a mishmash of the latter two seems to work for me.

The relationship between saddle and pedals is one that should carry across most setups. Working forward from there seems to be a popular way to get a bike setup correctly.
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