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Urgent advice needed

Discussion in 'Stolen Bikes' started by ozboz, 1 Oct 2016.

  1. TreeHuggery

    TreeHuggery Senior Member

    Good luck, some horrible gits around.
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  2. ozboz

    ozboz Über Member

    Richmond ,Surrey
    Well I never , GF 's persistance
    Has paid off somewhat ,
    Police called today and informed her the Scrote that knicked it has been arrested and bailed pending court action
    Result. !!
    Last edited: 27 Oct 2016
  3. cyberknight

    cyberknight Guru

    South Derbyshire
    Got the bike back ?
  4. ozboz

    ozboz Über Member

    Richmond ,Surrey
    Not as yet , ill be happy if this scrote has previous and gets banged up !!
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