Urgent - help with buying second hand Brompton


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Hello all,

I am new to Brompton, I just bought a second hand one that is an M model with 5 gears I am told.
I am not able to find more information on it except the following

M- handle
Sturmey Archer 5-speed Shift Levers
no serial
frame number states 023535 BS6201 PART I
Rear Cogs : unsure... reads Sturmey 95-02 made in england
steel pedals
rubber rear shock - no magnet
old dynamo, but working
weight 12.7 kg

I have checked many forums etc.. based on the assumption it was a T5 with 5 gears but that's what the seller told me, and I cannot verify that for myself.

Here is the most complete info I could find on older models.
1997 Brompton Brompton T5 - BikePedia
Bicycle Value Guide ( their price estimate are very low compared to market prices) can you confirm?

With the help of the numerous picture taken of all different part of the Brompton and based on above info, can you please help find out what year approx. it has been made? and it is worth the 600 EUR?

I have until Sunday to decide if I am giving it back to the seller for refund, and I did see more recent model ( M3R for 100eur more, possibly more recent model i.e. with stronger components)

Many thanks for your feedback. Your expertised is appreciated.




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IMO you've paid £150 too much. It's old really old, 1995 stamped hub ties in with the aluminium rack which was introduced in 1995. However, Brompton Bikes Ltd didn't start using Just In Time logistics until 2003 iirc, so the hub and rack could have been in stock for a year or two.

Upgrades you'll need to stay alive in hilly areas.....the brakes, the single pivot of that era were infamously poor at stopping. The bars as they're the old type and are known to crack at the clamping area.

For the money you paid you should be able to pick up a post 2000 Brompton. Unless you're a collector or restorer I recommend sending it back.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your quick & detailed feedback. It's really helps!

I am not a collector (not yet at least :smile:) so I am not sure I want such an old model. I confirm quite poor braking nd possibly quite a few things to change and fix for another Euro 200.

There is indeed less choice on the continent. Perhaps I should take more time to look around.

Again thank you


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Yes, I wanted to try if first but might juts do that. Thanks brompton-bike-commuting, thanks Vickster!
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