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Firstly it is much easier than tinyurl!

You just have to wrap the word(s) you want to be your link with [_remove_url=[url="http://www.somewebsite.com]your"]www.somewebsite.com]your[/url] words[_remove_/url].

Obviously leave out the _remove_ bits.


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Or highlight the text you want to turn into a link, click the 'Insert Link' button and type (or paste) the URL in the box that pops up.

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If you hit the links box you will get something like this:-
Delete that as you have it already in your link.
Then you will get something like:-
{url=http/ABCDE.com . whoopy do}http/ABCDE.com . whoopy do{/url}
The blue highlight is where you overwrite your message. (Square [ ] brackets of course )


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Cheers for the help people, I've made this a sticky, as it's something I kept meaning to ask and forgot...


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So, perhaps like this: Organising a piss up in a brewery


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bonj said:
I always put the quote marks in, works just as well.

Okay, you seem to be right, I could have sworn I had problems with using quote marks before but there you go!
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