V-Brake blocks


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Is there any real reason not to use the longer V-brake blocks on a road bike (with caliper brakes)?
The way I see it, there's an increased braking surface but the braking force is distributed over this wider area, so performance-wise it s swings and roundabouts.

Anyone else got any other thoughts?
It depends on fork and stay clearance. Munting bikes have plentiful clearances for phat rubber which makes for lots of space twixt frame and rim. A Linear-pull brake pad might interfere with the frame or fork on a road-bike due to their extra length and limited clearances. Worth a try though reckon.


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That's a point, although I reckon they would fit in my fork.

I needed new blocks and I only had V-brake ones handy...

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sometimes they can and sometimes they don't.

and the curve is slightly odd, so it don't always follow the rim and can hang off the bottom of the rim, so not really any benefit.
I been swapping pads for years, just because i can, and never really found any improvement in using pads for the 'wrong' rims.


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Don't forget the bolts/nuts are alot bigger than the neat recessed road bike ones - might just look ugly, and we can't have that on a road bike...noooo way !
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