V-brake spring adjuster screws


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Anyone know what I need to look for so that I can replace these? After all the salt this winter mine are now a horrid rusty-brown colour :thumbsup:

I'm looking for the little screws for adjusting how strong the spring back is (so where the pads position themselves when they spring back after braking).

I had a look at CRC's bit on brake spares but I couldn't work out what I was looking for. :ohmy:


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Unless I am mistaken you are talking about the screws that go in from the sides at the bottom left and right corner of this photo?

I would try a LBS. Am not sure if they are always the same size, but I am certain they don't always have the same head, depending on the make and model.


Alternatively (if you are a tight g!t :thumbsup:) you could pull some screws from something like an old VCR / CD drive etc.


Bionic Subsonic

Those are the ones. If there aren't specific spares for them then I'll just work through the screws in my toolbox, I've got to find 4 that will fit.

(The brakes are brandless cheepies so I doubt I could get a specific make for them)
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