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I’m looking at changing tyres due to mine not having long left and are now starting to cut up(Luganos supplies with my Ms Cannondale, I think Kguard 25c).
I ride a van nic Ventus and tried 28 gator skins but they didn’t fit.
Now I’ve been looking at rolling resistance info(I'm a geek like that). I’ve been considering Rubino pro.
However in my trawl for info the size and real term sizes vary quite dramatically.....what do you shod your bikes with and what’s your impression.....I’d say 90% of my riding is to and from work...25miles a day, I want to enjoy this so M+ types are out of the question.
For info I’ve rode gskins previously but found they cut up badly so I don’t want them...


I use michelin pro4 endurance on the commute, say they come up slightly bigger than that.They are a nice tyre,im just under 100kg running them at 80 rear,75 front,very comfy.Seem plenty fast and much better puncture protection than say a gp4000.


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Not on a Van Nic but I'm v happy with my Rubino Pro III tyres. Nice performer (eg , my first KOMs for years); very puncture resistant, and astonishingly cheap (£9.99 each in a Wiggle sale). Worked well right through winter.

My only concern is that after 2000 miles they are cut to shreds from repeated use of a bridleway (poor surfaces). This has compromised their puncture resistance so they now need replacing.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy again at that price, but should probably avoid those dodgy bridleways.

Edit: they are 25mm


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I run both my Van Nic Ventus on Continental GP4000s - 23mm all round on the "commuter" to clear the SKS Raceblade Long mountings, and 25mm at the rear and 23mm up front on the "best" one. I've tried 25mm up front on the "best" one, but there was a slight, but noticeable rub on the standard forks (EC70?).


Thank you people, it looks like rubinos could be a winner....sales anywhere? I’ve seen the g+ for £20 can anyone better it....I’d like to stick to 25’s, it seems 28’s are a no go after further reading.
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