Vapour Trails.


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South Manchester
They are back..... been nice not seeing any though. Send that sunshine 25 miles to the East please... Cloudy here.
Hence condensation trails / contrails :smile:
Gosh. That seems like something I OUGHT to have known already :P


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I keep looking at the sky over Afghanistan. There is almost nothing flying over it .
I watched it quite a lot during the 'evacuation' - it was interesting to see what was there
since that ended I have seen a few things - mostly headed for Pakistan - some civliian airliners but labelled (on F24) as RAF

but basically everyone seems to be avoiding it!

As far as contrails are concerned (he said returning to the topic!) we get very few round here - a lot of the planes are too low to create one due to the airport nearby
Where I grew up there was a major turning point for trans Atlantic planes just overhead so we saw a lot


West Yorks
Just come back in, noticed a couple of condensation trails, then spotted an aircraft, heading from a North Westerly direction, a fair way off, and already very high, climbing hard and fast then levelling off, bit too far off for leaving Leeds/Bradford and wrong direction to be Manchester from this location.
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