Various Vintage Project Bikes


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Got to clear out the following as my shed is leaking and I'm never gonna have the time to do them myself! Mostly decent bikes though and definitely worth saving I'd say.
Absolutely no postage I'm afraid, collection from Bournemouth only.
Would rather sell them as a job lot - will give priority and a 10% discount if someone wants them all. Cobwebs, dust, rust included free of charge!
Be quick! They'll be going on Gumtree/Ebay very soon if no CC'ers want them.
More photos available if you want - DM me.

1. Black painted, but likely a Claud Butler/Holdsworth. Nice lugs! Sloping fork shoulders, hint of chrome peeping through? £75...


2. Falcon something? Big! Converted to fixed/single speed with a new flip/flop wheelset. £50...


3. Gazelle Trim Trophy 531 frame. Spaghetti fork (well bent). 105 Chainset, front mech and brakes. Big again... £50...


4. Dawes Jaguar 531 frame and very nice 531 chromed fork. Seller told me seatpost was stuck and I've not investigated further. £80...


5. Falcon Olympic. 531 Frame. Chrome on fork is very bad. No wheels (although may be able to find some). £45...


6. Raleigh Gran Sport 60's I think. Has the 'C' word on the rear mech! £60...


7. Hercules Kestrel. Bit special this one, 24" wheels I think, Has some bad rust in places, but 531 frame and definitely worth saving I'd say. £60


8. Viking something? Again, worth saving I'd say. £60...

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