Verenti Flatout in the Fens 2010

Fiona N

If it's windy, you could be wishing for hills - at least you get the downhill :smile:


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Alien8 said:
I'll be doing the 156'er.

Looks like hot, but not too much wind.

See yer there.
(oops sorry about posting twice)

Blimey, the long one! Actually the routes look pretty good tbh and I did consider the 156 miler.... for less than a second;)
Good luck to you both! Id've thought harder about doing this if (a) i'd had me new bike earlier in the year to put in some training miles on and (:evil: it hadn't been my father-in-laws 60th on Sunday and we weren't organising a big party for him at our house for which, if I'd tried to get out of, Mrs B would've lynched me! I will definitely look at this for next year though, as I've decided I have to give a long ride a try.
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