Very pleased with health and times

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I know I have not been cycling for long, and only have a Giant hybrid rather than a more traditional racer, but I am still pleased with myself.

As a lot of people, I took up cycling to improve my health and lose a fair bit of weight.

Improvement in my diet is helping with the weight loss as well, but.....
the difference I can feel in my legs is amazing. Thighs seem solid, and it isn't the fat that has must be muscle.

Have increased my distance cycled to 15 miles (only done it twice), but I have managed an average speed of 15mph.

Remember I am in Lincolnshire, and although flatter than most areas, there is still hills (maybe better to call them slopes)

Even so, I am happy :laugh:


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Sunny Wakefield
15mph on a hybrid is fine. No point racing against people on racing bikes, unless you can catch and overtake them...

Alan Whicker

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My experience is very similar to yours. Since returning to daily cycling a year ago (after a decade off, more or less) the muscles have returned to my legs, I've lost weight and my fitness levels have rocketed. I can do my commute ten minutes quicker than when I started riding to work. I've got a Trek 'fast hybrid' and can keep up with the commuters on road bikes - until they 'big ring' it anyway. :laugh:
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