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I’m about to embark on a Raleigh Team Banana project. My plan is to strip the bike and rebuild it with modern components. As the Banana was a low spec entry level bike with a “pig iron” frame I want to use entry level components on it.

The most cost effective route is to buy a complete super-clean donor bike for around £75, after some eBay and Gumtree research (yes I do have some time on my hands) I’ve come up with the following three bikes which fit the bill. (I think the Triban 3 is favourite)

B’Twin Triban 3
Carrera TDF
Raleigh Airlite

Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions?


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@biggs682 is the man for this sort of thing


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Any of these are fine, along with anything else that has what will probably be 8 speed square taper; Carrera Virtuoso, etc. It depends whether you want to use the wheels as well.

Alternatively a bike with a damaged frame might be better value?

My Carrera I sold today would've been around your budget. Alternatively this is just a £20 start in Yorkshire and probably won't go for much more if you're local: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-road-bike/233443664902
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