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What do fellow camera users use to make their videos? I can make basic ones in movie maker but want to show slo-mos and individual frames but doesnt seem to have that built in.


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Do all mine in MM - can get single images and do editing in MS Paint before adding it back into the timeline, also has a "half speed" effect which can be applied more than once to slow footage down. Only limited by your imagination! B);)


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I started out using Pinnacle Studio as it came free with the video capture card I bought a while ago. It is very good but I gave up using it when it started crashing quite a bit - I did author about 20 DVD's with it though. You could buy a video capture card just to get the software and then chuck the card, or you can buy a boxed copy for about £30-£40.

I have now moved on to Adobe Premiere Elements which is much more robust and has much deeper features but is a lot harder to get to grips with, but worth it once you have learnt how to use it. It is pretty good value at around £50-£70, can't remember exactly how much.
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