Video guide: How To Adjust The Limiter Screws On A Rear Derailleur.


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Nicely done. Its great people are willing to share this type of information.


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Thanks chaps, I'm glad you like the film. Yes, I am, indeed the leonardmlee from YouTube. Please have at look at my other films at

If there is anything you would like me to cover, please let me know and I'll do my best to make a film about it.

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Thanks, road rash, I really appreciate the comments and that you have been recommending my films.
Thanks for the helpful videos :smile:

One quick naive question - when you say to "ensure that it's turned about 3 quarters of the way clockwise" - do you simply mean turn it 3/4 of one whole revolution clockwise from wherever it currently sits (not sure how this would make sense as I don't see how everyone's barrel adjusters would will be positioned equally to start with)? Or 3/4 of the way along the cable (does it move back and forth along the cable as you turn it clockwise/anti-clockwise)? Only I can't see any markings on the barrel or the cable to denote degrees of movement....

I've done just over 200 miles on my new bike (Shimano Tiagra like in your video) and am experiencing some slippage in two of the middle gears on the rear cassette so want to get used to adjusting them myself but am fearful of making matters worse. Thanks for your help.
Did you check rear hanger alignment before making any adjustments?
I don't have a tool to adjust alignment and figured as the bike is brand new and has had no knocks it's more likely to be an issue of the cables settling in and derailleur needing re-indexing than the hanger having been bent. More naivety on my part?
How would I check the alignment? Just using a straight edge and my eyes?! It is supposed to hang at precisely 90 degrees (as in from the bike staright down towards the floor with no hint of a diagonal)?
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