Video: RLJing idiot

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Blimey.. very naughty


Do you smell fudge?
could it be that the opposing traffic lights were slightly out of sync with the ones on your side? either way, its bloody dangerous :S

Shut Up Legs

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A regular occurrence in Melbourne, unfortunately. ;) Motorists will continue to pass through an intersection until it's quite clear that they'll be blocked by motorists on the crossing road. It's stupid and dangerous, but seems to be standard practice. Some cyclists also give the rest of us a bad rep by doing it also.
BentMikey said:
...which is why you need to call it out at the time.

I hope you dont do that when you are getting romantic.;)


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BentMikey said:
Dude, you've got to call it out. That was simply outrageous driving!! Tossers.

"Dude" ??? are we in New York?

Seriously, the bus RLJing, no surprise there, they jump a major crossroads near me all the time.
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