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Two blokes from Virgin media were poking around in my front garden yesterday morning. I asked them what they were doing, they said they'd just be at the edge, wouldn't have to do anything much...

At the same time the internet stoppd working. I'd been planning to check my email before going out, didn't have time to sort it, went off to work.

Got home. Three inch trench not properly covered down the side of my garden. So, phoned Virgin media, got their area manager for installations, he's coming to look at it. It isn't the trench thats the problem, its that I've caught them working in my garden twice now, without my permission, and ANY damage thus caused is unacceptable.

Phone Virgin again when it transpired that the internet still isn't working.

So, the scenario is they trespassed in my garden and broke my broadand connection, which comes in with the same bundle as next doors connection (which they were alledgedly repairing). Took me all evening and far too many conversations with far too many people to sort that out, and I'm waiting on a call from them this evening.

Shameful behaviour, just shameful. All they had to do before working was knock on my door and ask, and all they had to do after breaking my net connection was agree to try to sort it out speedily.

Their best offer thus far was "Well, its next Tuesday or we have no other appointment times"... Oh, I'm sorry, I thought I was the poor sap who's land you trespassed on and committed criminal damage while breaking the service I'm paying you for?

Phoned Sky afterwards, looking to maybe go for internet from them instead.
i'd write a letter to branson. they should all get dropped on then.
they "buried" my tv and braodband connection 2 inches below the surface. when ythey'd gone i put it a good 9 inches below to prevent damage.
had to complain about the rest of the sloppy installation after the phone stopped working 3 hours later.


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piedwagtail91 said:
they "buried" my tv and braodband connection 2 inches below the surface..

that's real deep, seriously

mine was coiled around in the privet hedge....can you imagine what happened with the hedge trimmer, back in april?

they said that they'd repair it within 48 hours, and i'm still waiting for them to come and do it.....
i repaired it myself within 1 hour, would have been 5 mins but i spent 55 mins on the phone to them first:angry:


We're with Virgin for the whole deal (phone/broadband/telly) and our phone suddenly cut out for no reason. Took us two weeks to get someone over to sort it out...otherwise pretty good, though the telly boxes are prone to overheating and some of the customer care staff are a little patronising.


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We use Virgin. The internet isnt as good, we have to reset the router every so often, not something we had to do when we were on NTL. Although we did get more channels on the TV then on NTL, but we lost sky.


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Yes NTLHell/Telewest/Virgin suck but then so do Sky.

Parents/I have used Teleworst/Virgin for a very long time. My advice would be to get onto retentions and get yourself one of the extremely generous retention deals that others have got (if you haven't already).

At the house in York I have Sky Broadband, it's fantastically fast - 13Mbs connection and in tests it regularly does it. It'd be 16Mbs but the phone line is screwed so we get lower speeds.
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