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I do. I went through a really bad patch about 6 months ago: no signal in the house, nor in my mother's house at times. Virgin denied a doofer problem (I think I mean mast?) and made me change the handset.

Then the radio stopped working, so Virgin made me change the handset. It wasn't a handset problem at all, in either case.

What I'm trying to say is that quite often customer service don't really know what they're talking about!
I pay £8.50 a month for 100 mins and 100 texts, which is ample.


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I was with Virgin for a few years until Feb when I left them for Orange. I was fed up with the piss poor signal meaning my SMS messages sometimes took 3 days to get to the recipient or I would be making a call and I would be cut off as the signal would vanish. The Virgin customer service didn't seem to care.

Since I joined Orange, no problems at all. I would avoid Virgin.


Virgin use T-mobile for 2G and IIRC, like T-mobile, the 3G network is carried by 3. It's all going to change with the Orange/T-mobile merger and it's likely that all Virgin traffic will be carried by the combined Orange/T-mobile network.
Been with virgin mobile for three years and not had a signal problem anywhere I have been.
Also had all of my (few) issues dealt with speedily by the nice people in Delhi or whereever at 4 in the morning (gotta love global support).
Thanks Mark, I had already checked the coverage. It seems to come out as average for our area.

Certainly nice to hear the opinion of some one near to me. I have until the end of the day to make my mind up.


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I swapped to Virgin Mobile from 02 about 18 months ago. Mainly because of a very good deal. (£8.50 per month and enough calls and texts to suit me included. New phone thrown in.)
Did have a spell of poor reception but it has never been much of a problem and is ok now.
I only use my phone for calls and texts not for any internet stuff so I'm not sure how that works over Virgin's networks.


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The wifes a bit of a mobile freak, we were both on Virgin for years and very happy with them.
But...she swapped to a higher end Nokia and it'd never get any decent signal. Eventually swapped to O2, instantly better, never a problem since.

My Blackberry was hopeless on Virgin, same signal problem. Swapped to O2, instantly better.

O2 ? contract or PAYG ?
They do some good deals, but they change all the time. I'm currently on £15 a month...unlimited texts and 300 minutes any network...and free calls to other O2 users.


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I've been with Virgin for years, on a very good SIM only contract, which is supposed to be fixed price for as long as I go on paying the bill.

They use T-Mobile's transmission network (originally one to one), so coverage is T-mobile's, and is patchy in some areas of the country. Irrelevant once the Orange and T-mobile networks are merged with a promise of best coverage of all networks. I've never used it, but I read that the 3G service for the combined network will be the present Orange 3G.

I've always found the customer service very good when needed. That's been when the SIM card has been damaged by getting wet and needs replacing (along with the phone, which is just the cheapest I can get).

I must be odd - I can't get exited about phones (or cars). I'm quite happy with the most basic phone, cheapest is best. Voice, text, and a 200 entry number store is all I want. The one I'm using now was "last year's model", being flogged off on the last day of the Argos sale in summer 2006. £7.50 including VAT.
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