Visibility ... where do you draw the line?!


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The other day I riding along and I saw a guy in broad daylight, clad from head to toe in high-viz, three ultra-bright headlights and two flashing ultra-bright helmet lights!

He looked a bit like a big luminous yellow christmas tree ... my first thought was, "I've heard of high-viz, but you are something else!" I'm also thinking that too much high viz turns you from being something to avoid to being something for some (idiotic) drivers to target ...

So where do you personally draw the line at being high-viz? For me it's a white t-shirt during the day (apparently the eye is drawn to large blocks of white - hence why they say motorbike riders should go for white helmets) and a pair of front and rear super-bright LED lights which go on at night. I think that's adequate!
XmisterIS said:
So where do you personally draw the line at being high-viz? !

at your own unique comfort zone.

I suspect the xmas tree chap has reason to wear what he wears in spite comments and weird looks from others...he doesn't care, he needs to feel safe and that is his way (and choice) of doing so.

each to their own.


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During the day, nothing. But I'm often sporting high colored or funny jerseys.
At night. 3 lights rear, two front and a hump backpack cover!


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Something brightly coloured during the day such as a white t-shirt or red jersey (not necessarily hi-viz) and two good rear lights plus something that chucks out a good 200 lumens at the front.

Trouble is, I could set myself on fire and cycle down the street whilst juggling dolphins and there would still be motorists who didn't see me... All the lights and hi-viz in the world aren't of any use if people just don't bother to look.
XmisterIS said:
The other day I riding along and I saw a guy in broad daylight

Exactly - you saw him. Which presumably is what the rider was aiming to achieve. Can't fault that! :ohmy:

[swee'pea - you got in before me, but I agree with everything you said!]


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It also depends what the night-time lighting is. The street lights are so bright in central/inner London that I wouldn't notice if my front light failed until I got home, that's certainly not the case in the countryside!

I have lights and (usually) reflective trouser clips.


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Nothing light wise but i try to have a light colored top on.

helmet has a smiley face hi viz sticker as well, not very cool but sure stands out.
Hi viz jacket/sam browne belt dependant on weather
wrist slaps.
Panniers have reflective trim.
2 front lights+ 200 lumen deal extreme torch for unlit roads
4 rear flashers including a 1/2 watt smart


Here for rides.
Daytime - one rear light on flashing - front light on flashing
Nighttime - three rears two steady one flash - three front two steady on flash

Never ever wear day-glo as I don't work on the railways or on a building site.
GregCollins said:
Never ever wear day-glo as I don't work on the railways or on a building site.

This is a strange attitude. In the first place, it smacks of snobbery (which no doubt is not your intention), and in the second, as a professional driver I can testify to the fact that a hi vis tabard is one of the most visible things on the road. I agree that hi vis is not a substitute for lights but day or night it can help you to be seen. You don't have to work on a building site to wear it.


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During the day, I have my yellow jacket which I always use - come the summer I will probably forego this on the way home though, depending on the temperature.

For dark - front and rear flashing lights and the yellow jacket.

That's about it apart from the usual reflectors :ohmy:


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swee said:
I noticed many cars when commuting in today, however I remember 2 specifically due to the drivers acting like complete idiots. There were many more cars I noticed but I don't remember them because they acted normally. So to your statement of 'you noticed him!' it would be more accurate to say XmisterIS remembered noticing him.


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I wear an orange hi viz thing in summer and an night vision jacket in winter. In broad bright sunlight I'll not bother with lights, but if it's vaguely cloudy or dusk then I'll have both rear lights on flash for maximum noticeability and the hope vision on flash up front. Once it gets properly dark one rear on flash, t'other on steady. I'll put the hope onto steady at level 2/3 and my fenix l2d on the lid. I have a spare cateye front flashing light but probably three lights at the front is overkill so don't bother much with that.

If people don't see a hope 1 on the bike and a fenix on the lid then I'm f@@ked anyway.


Hi Viz reflective vest on top of my regular cycling tops - regardless of day or night. I've tried doing without the vest during the day and find drivers pass a lot closer in busy traffic.

Lights on the bike, but only come on if twilight or after dark.

If I look silly in hi viz during daylight so be it. I'm commuting not partaking in a fashion parade.
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