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Visit to Addison Lee

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by her_welshness, 18 Oct 2011.

  1. I've never cycled in London, and so shouldn't have an opinion of them either way, but I've only ever seen examples of their bad driving on people's YouTube channels, and no good examples. Even bus drivers and black cab drivers have been thanked and publicly praised on some videos!
  2. Red Light

    Red Light Guest

    Agree and especially as cyclists contain a lot of people in their target market e.g. the majority of Boris Bike users are white professional males earning over £50k. Endangering one of those could easily lose you a company account.
  3. Norm

    Norm Guest

    Hmmm... ok, I've given it some thought and I have something.

    I passed an Addison Lee vehicle on Monday and the driver didn't try to knock me off. It was parked on the A4 near Exhibition Road, with no driver (but it had its hazards on so it was ok).

    OTOH, the half dozen or so which did have drivers all seemed intent on homicide, but that one was as close to positive as I can offer.
  4. Sheffield_Tiger

    Sheffield_Tiger Veteran


    I saw the thread title and knew exactly the company being discussed, and I have never cycled in London, have only driven through London once in pre LCZ days, and can count my visits to london on the fingers of one hand

    In my perception, Addison Lee = Dangerous, reckless, arrogant speeding drivers
  5. Dan B

    Dan B Señor Member

    Not sure I rate AL drivers as significantly worse than any other private hire vehicles. But I have said on many occasions how much easier it is cycling in London now the minicabs are all required to display those warning signs with the London Transport roundels in their rear windows. It saves having to look for the dents.

    Twelve word summary: they have the entitlement issues of cabbies but without the driving skills.
  6. ttcycle

    ttcycle Cycling Excusiast

    I've only just seen this. Hope the meeting went well HW. Good stuff for getting the meeting going. Had a few close passes from AL drivers in my time on the road.

    I also had the misfortune to be called an AL taxi as I was transporting my cat and a suitcase at the time. I'm generally a people person but the driver was verging on maniacal and was spouting racist stuff about all westerners being in support of the Iraq war etc etc. despite kindly trying to counter his one sided anger, I was really uncomfortable with him driving me.

    Will never use AL again, the reputation they have amongst some for a good standard is not true

    Let's us know how it went
  7. gbs

    gbs Über Member

    Whenever I see a car/people mover disregarding priorities at roundabouts or otherwise driving in an inconsiderate manner it is, 4 out of 5 times, an AL vehicle. I was pleased to persuade one of my clients to cancel their cintract.
  8. Buddfox

    Buddfox Über Member

    I almost feel like I'm stirring unnecessarily here, but I have to say I also find them the worst drivers on the roads in London, bar none. I first noticed this as a scooter rider, but now also as a cyclist. They are dangerous, inconsiderate and, worst of all, consistently bad - to the extent I would be happy to say I have rarely, if at all, seen an Addison Lee car driven considerately. I refuse to use them as a result.
  9. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    Bugbrooke UK
    Apart from Lewis Day, are there any other London Private Hire outfits who's vehicles are badged?
  10. Brains

    Brains Guru

    Premier and Dial-a-cab are two that spring to mind, they mostly use black cabs.

    Whilst I would have to say the two worst spectacle of deliberately and consistently dangerous items of driving involving multiple breaches of every rule in the book I have ever seen was done by a pair of black cabs in the Lower Road Rotherhythe area about 5 years ago. As a general rule like most others I have found Addison Leigh bad drivers,
  11. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    Bugbrooke UK

    Cabs are different as they can ply the streets for hire.

    The subject of this tread is a Private Hire company whose cars only available for pre booking -different regulatory regime.
  12. bryce

    bryce Senior Member

    London, SW10
    I use AddLee quite a lot (mainly because I can't stand the bad attitude and sloth-like demeanour of black cab drivers) and find their drivers are like a box of chocolates. Some of them are excellent, polite and well mannered on the roads. The others, who usually can hardly speak a word of English, are terrible, stopping in ASL's flashing headlights at people and being aggressive.

    I have taken a few drivers to task and usually they're pretty receptive to criticism.

    Overall I think they're a lot better than black cabs, who I find the most dangerous drivers in London.
  13. Dan B

    Dan B Señor Member

  14. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    Bugbrooke UK

    By badged I meant branded/liveried.

    The taxi/private hire/minicab thing can get complicated and varies by LA. Here we have:
    • Hackney carriages (taxis). Licensed by the Council to be hailed on street, fares charged by meter at set rates.
    • Private Hire. Licensed by the Council for pre booked only but still fitted with meters
    • Minicabs. Not regulated very much at all - fares agreed for journey.
    Not sure it's the same in London but the Private Hire disc/badge in the window is an innovation in the last 10 years.
  15. Red Light

    Red Light Guest

    The OP hasn't been seen here since the planned visit to AL yesterday. You don't think they locked her up in a cupboard at HQ by any chance?