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Its great that vinyl is making a comeback and any of you got any awesome, obscure or embarrassing vinyl records.
if I was to choose one record it is probbly Chocolate Kings by PFM and Italan prog rock band. I saw this band on The Old Grey Whistle Test and had to go and get the album. I have 2 other PFM albums.


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Off the top of my head.. Premiato Formia Marconi? (that's without searching... How right/wrong am I?)

I have one of their albums somewhere..


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Original My Generation album by The Who on Brunswick.
Lil Louis French Kiss 12" promo.

Loads of other stuff as well. Could kick myself for giving away Led Zeppelin II on purple Atlantic though.


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I have 'One Live Badger' with Roger Dean artwork and a pop up badger.


I've also got Melanie's garden in the City with a scratch and sniff cover which still releases its fragrance when scratched.



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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 1975-1985 box set. Got it for my 16th birthday off my sister after we went to St James's Park to see the Boss at the height of the miner's strike.


Metal Box by PIL. 3 x 12" 45's in...a metal box.

I bought a turntable a year or so ago and it's been good fun digging out some of the 30+ year old vinyl and listening to it for the first time in decades.

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I've still got 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps' by Splodgenessabounds. I don't even remember buying it. If you can remember the 80's you weren't there :smile:


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Vinyl? Pah! I've still got a box full of shellac 78s, which I play on my 1933 HMV portable. My favourite is Mule Train by Vaughn Monroe, very loud and complete with cracking whip sound effects, but I've also got an Elvis 78, which is so loud that I have to stuff a sock down the horn.


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Vinyl's never gone out of fashion in this house, the music's not very up to date though. I was looking in a record shop the other day and they had loads of new vinyl in but it's quite a price now, you wouldn't really want to skin up on a £30 limited edited LP.

Anyway I'm not sure which one is my bestest, this Mac Wiseman 10" (the loveliest of all sizes) probably cost me the most.


You can make a couple of quid flogging stuff too, someone paid me £100 for a copy of Anarchy in the UK by The Sex Pistols on the EMI label.


someone paid me £100 for a copy of Anarchy in the UK by The Sex Pistols on the EMI label.
Just after the Bill Grundy interview, Woolworths decided that The Sex Pistols were filth. The Swansea store had two boxes of Anarchy singles and were selling them off for 10p a copy but me being a poor student only bought three - which were promptly played and scratched to death at local student parties:sad:^_^
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