Vittoria Rubino Tyre

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Smokin Joe

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Harsh ride, murder to mount on a rim and not very grippy.


It really is weird the different impressions that you get - I've done 500 or so miles on a pair which I bought because they were cheap (!) and agree that they aren't fantastically grippy but can't say I noticed much difference in ride quality, plus they were a cinch to fit and subsequently remove with CXP33's and an MA3. Only reason I took them off was to put Spesh Armadillos on for winter as they were on an old bike I parted out - they'll probably go back on in the spring.


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I have to say, I think they are pretty good on my shimano R561's - I have tried a few pairs - the regular rubino and the rubino slick - all have been the rigid tyre type and all have been fairly good to fit.

The regular rubino is slightly more grippy - especially in the wet - than the slick version, but the slick version is much more comfy - very comfy indeed in fact.

at £16 for two with tubes from wiggle you really cant complain!
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