Vittoria Zaffiro - what's the catch?


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After too many visits from the p***e fairy recently, I've been googling around for some p****e resistant tyres that won't break the bank. I've found lots of people saying good things about Vittoria Zaffiros, and they're easy to find at under a tenner apiece. Is there a catch? Oh, and is there a significant difference between the basic model and the 'pro' folding version?

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the basic (wire bead) is heavier than the pro ( kevlar bead) tyre.
As for the tyres themselves: they don't last too long, grip ain't that good. But for cheap tyres they are very good. I would rather buy more expensive tyres that work better, but for budget tyres they are hard to beat.

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I put Schwalbe Stelvios on to counter too many punctures from grit etc and they appear to have worked. They're heavy -ish and £50 a pair but I shall swop back in a few weeks to the normal tyre and hope that I'll get my moneys worth out of the Stelvios next winter!


tyres ain't worth saving on surely? difference between cheap and expensive ain't much and they might mean the difference between coming a cropper and not surely


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Do some internet searching - you can often find top tyres for really good Pro-race 2's were about £15. each - 4 tyres ordered at that price last year for both road bikes....
I've used Zaffiros in the past and reckoned they're fine : very puncture resistant, good grip wet or dry, last ages, fit on-and-off tight rims.

I still have one very worn pair on my TT bike for winter use indoors on rollers.

In fact, I think they're far better than the Conti GP4Season I tried next - which are twice the price and have so many punctures, so little wet-weather grip, so difficult to get on&off that I'll never buy them again !


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I had Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX and they were really fast and had great grip – but I had an unwelcome deflation experience every 150 miles or so. I've switched to Conti GP 4000s and they seem bullet-proof. The only thing I hate is the huge 'Made in Germany' flashes, which seem most inappropriate on my Italian steed.


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I didn't ask the question but fantastic advice, thanks. I pick up my brand new Trek 1.2 on Saturday my Giant X1500 was nicked a fortnight ago. First tentative commute 10 days later.

Last time I did really heavy commuting I tended to get p*****s nearly every day, very discouraging, especially as it was 24 miles each way, needless to say I gave up.


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iacula said:
I didn't ask the question but fantastic advice,

Last time I did really heavy commuting I tended to get p*****s nearly every day, very discouraging.

Just a thought, but if you're planning to start again and on the same route, even if your 'one a day' was an understandable exaggeration (I know it can feel that way sometimes) if you were getting anything like that number - one a week, say - then I think it would probably be worth getting some specific anti-p****e tyres, such as Marathon plus, rather than zaffiros, which are apprently quite good, but aren't designed purely with that in mind.


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i like vittoria tyres - not tried the zaffiros, but use the rubino's loads - the std ones the pro's and the slicks. i think they are great - they are all under a tenner too (actually thinking about it, the rubino pro's might be about £11)

i really rate them - for ease of fitting to both campag and shimano rims and for p****ure resistance too.
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