Walking boots EU44/UK9.5

A few days into my first and only jaunt (wintry 150 miles bothying around Kielder and chunks of Hadrian's Wall) in these fine boots I had to concede they were fractionally too big: even with two pair chunky socks and laced as tight as poss I was getting heel lift which would turn into heel rub. By which time, of course, I'd waded enough bogs to make them un-returnable.

Scarpa - can't remember the name of this iteration - nubuck leather, goretex lined, Vibram sole (there are Vibram soles and Vibram soles these days I note, so these are proper chunky, stiff, with deep lugs), full rubber rand. Cost circa £200 new, negligible wear - close to NOS. Very solid, robust 4 season boot and it stung something fierce to be unable to wear them to death, or even a second time!


£120 plus p+p. Or will exchange for a comparable pair of 43s that proved to be fractionally too small for you.

So confident am I that any purchaser will be deliriously happy with their condition I'll offer a full no-quibble refund on return.

Use the money saved to buy a swanky pair of gaiters and a Silva compass. And a walking pole. And a bobbly hat. And perhaps a copy of 'The Gentle Art of Tramping'...
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Tom B

Not buying (wrong size for my flippers) but if you're still looking for boots I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the Altberg shop. Worth a day out and a mooch around Richmond and the surrounding areas. When Bozza lets us that is.

The guy at the shop is proper Yorkshire and doesn't waste words buy using three when one will do.

Boots are very personal but my feet and the missus feet love Altberg Boots and we won't go elsewhere. My oldest peacekeepers are more comfortable than my carpet slippers and our 12 month old Tethra are great. I even both peacekeepers and tethra on the MTB in grotty Weather.
qigong chimp
OK, so these are on their way to my local community of Buddhist renunciates, unless a reasonable offer intervenes..
qigong chimp
Ok, do you want them? I'm shielding and locked down so getting them posted/couriered won't be instantaneous, but I can make a start - may have the original box somewhere (may not). I'll shout you for the dosh - do you run to bank transfer? - and your address presently. Sound OK?
qigong chimp
Ping Goldilocks!
These proved fractionally too small for the prospective buyer, so are available again.
Now at £100.
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