1. SpokeyDokey

    Lost - walking boots.

    A pair of Mrs SD's walking boots have gone missing and it is driving me to distraction. I have scoured every cupboard and wardrobe in the house, the loft, the garage (where they normally live on the 'hiking' shelf) as well as the gym room. I have done this twice now and they are still awol...
  2. D_97_goodtimes

    Government consultation on walking and cycling CWIS2

    https://allpartycycling.org/resources/inquiries/reaching-our-active-travel-potential/ I stumbled across the above link in ‘The Cyclist’ magazine. I would encourage everyone to read the documents and contribute to the discussion.
  3. qigong chimp

    Walking boots EU44/UK9.5

    A few days into my first and only jaunt (wintry 150 miles bothying around Kielder and chunks of Hadrian's Wall) in these fine boots I had to concede they were fractionally too big: even with two pair chunky socks and laced as tight as poss I was getting heel lift which would turn into heel rub...
  4. annedonnelly

    Slow Ways walking routes

    Back during the first period of lockdown I got involved with a project to create a network of walking routes connecting cities & towns in the UK. Over the last nine months or so lots of volunteers have mapped potential routes from place to place electronically. The next stage of the project is...
  5. Dave Davenport

    Person playing loud music walking down our street in middle of night

    So for the last few weeks some bloke (ordinary looking, 20 something) has been walking past our house (small terraced street) every two or three days with loud music playing, usually around 1am to 2am but this morning it was 4am, you can hear it from a good 100 yards either side. I got to the...
  6. G3CWI

    Cycling and Walking Survey

    I have suggested to our Local Authority that they might seek to do some sort of baseline survey of cycling and walking levels so that they can make objective measurements to see the effect of measures that they implement. Is anyone aware of where this has been done in the past, how it was done...
  7. fossyant

    Walking Trousers

    Not a walker, as God invented the wheel as a far better mode of transport. Just got a reasonable pair of walking boots and been looking at some trousers. Why is it that walkers have skinny thighs? Had to try a few pairs on to find some that would fit, and those were tight, although stretchy. I...
  8. Broughtonblue

    Walking boots

    First thing, merry Christmas to you all, thanks for all your support over the years, especially the dark times. Second thing, although this is a cycling forum, can anyone recommend a brand of walking boots in the £50 category. Just moved to the countryside and enjoying the walks but I'm sure...
  9. keithmac

    Walking/ Hiking boots?.

    Hello all, just interested if people can recommend a decent pair of boots for walks and hikes etc. Don't want to spend good money and have them fall to bits!. They will be getting a fair bit of use, paths/ grass/ gravel/ wet rocks etc. Cheers, Keith.
  10. bluezelos

    Best cycling shoes for walking in?

    Looking for some road cycling shoes using SPD cleats which are ok, to walk in. The pair I am currently using are not recessed into the sole so are difficult to walk in when not on the bike. Anyone recommend any reasonably priced ones easy to walk in?
  11. Spartak

    Wahoo & Walking

    I'm planning on walking the Brecon Horseshoe soon.... Pen Y Fan etc. I'd like to record my achievement, has anyone used a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for walking or is it purely an ( excellent ) bike gps unit. Do I need to change any settings if I do use it ... eg autopause ?
  12. S

    Walking on the Gower Peninsular

    We're looking for a destination for a week's walking at half-term next month. We've 'done' the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, coastal paths round Cornwall and Devon quite extensively, and while we love Scotland and the Isles, it's a bit too far of a schlep for a week (we live in Surrey). My...
  13. ShannonBall

    Saddle and Sole - walking and cycling festival 17/06/18

    Saddle and Sole is a cycling and walking festival in Finsbury Park on 17 June, 12 noon - 6pm. There are loads of free activities, including: - Free Dr Bike maintenance checks - Free giveaways for cyclists - Fun walks, sign up on the day - All ability cycling with Pedal Power Cycling Club -...
  14. U

    Nordic Walking Course 28-29 April 2018

  15. Fenrider

    Responses invited to Government's Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

    A call for evidence on ways to make cycling and walking safer while supporting the government's ambition to increase cycling and walking. This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 1 June 2018 You are invited to contribute to this consultation document at...
  16. Fenrider

    'Made to Move' - Cycling and Walking Report for Greater Manchester

    For your information, Chris Boardman's report for the Mayor of Greater Manchester can be found at: https://www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/downloads/file/463/made_to_move
  17. SpokeyDokey

    Walking Forum - link issue.

    When I click the link from CC to the Walking Forum I'm getting the big red Microsoft 'this website is unsafe' screen when using either MS Edge or IE11. Chrome works fine. Anyone else getting this?
  18. mustang1

    Walking your dog

    What is the correct English here: If you're walking your dog, but are actually on the bike, does that mean you're riding your dog?
  19. Shaun

    New Walking, Scrambling, Geocaching and Camping Forum

    Hello everyone, As part of a number of changes I'm making, I've set-up a new forum for people with an interest in walking, scrambling, climbing, geocaching and camping: WalkingChat.net The new site will help generate additional revenue to top up the CC pot, and as I already had the forum...
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