Best cycling shoes for walking in?


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Looking for some road cycling shoes using SPD cleats which are ok, to walk in. The pair I am currently using are not recessed into the sole so are difficult to walk in when not on the bike.

Anyone recommend any reasonably priced ones easy to walk in?


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Most mtb shoes. There is a huge selection. You can even get sandals.


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Ones that fit YOU well...or they'll not be comfortable, recessed cleat or not!

Assuming these fit, if you want something less clunky than most MTB type shoes, these aren't bad for £30

Go to Decathlon in the socks you wear cycling and try a few pairs on and walk around...then go to evans and do the same, and then to any other LBS...make notes and buy the best fitting
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I walk the kids to school nearly every day in my Northwave MTB shoes. It's not really far enough for them to ride, so we walk and I set off after I've dropped them. I think they are called scorpions or something. Got them for 12 quid off the bay.
I've got Shimano MT34 shoes - Decathlon stock them.

They're just a little bit more spendy than the ones @Cycleops suggests, (they're around the £45 mark IIRC) but they do the job quite nicely.

In fact I've barely used my road shoes since I got these. Only downside is I personally found the supplied laces on the short side, so have replaced them with longer ones.
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