Wanted... a good "all in one" radio/sound system C£300


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I asked a similar question some time ago and got some good suggestions.
I eventually went for the Roberts Blutune 100**
We now want one for another room.
**there are some things I dont really like about it.
1. Way too much base. I have it set to
maximum treble/minimum base and
its just about ok.
2. so fiddly to set/find pre-set stations

As a simple kind of soul I am not after high tech which I have to master. I want
1. A good sound
2. Reasonably compact (not seperate
3.simple to operate
4. cd facility

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Go nuts:

Go less nuts:

Don't go there (seriously):

John Lewis also has one or two more (click the Pure above and look down page for alternatives), incl an own brand (probably made by Pure, by the look of it, but that's guessing)

Cheap as chips and 'Which' rates it highly

Edit yet again because slow morning
Middle ground premium, but I'd probably push to the Ruark anyway:

Tivoli Audio also do something quite similar
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They make a superficially good noise calculated to sell it in shops, but not for longer-term listening is the consensus, and based on my hearing friends' cinema surround system. Boom boom tiss tiss etc. ^_^
Cheers, from the spec it sounded like what i may have been looking for.


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As I understand it, the thing with Bose is that it's always good audio - but not great - but poor value for money.


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Bose have a reputation for making things that look good but sound less than.
I'd also go for the Denon, they make great sounding well engineered products.

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Your 'cd facility' may limit your options. It's a bit like needing your turntable to have a 78RPM setting. Would you consider second hand? Eg https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RUARK-AU...765124&hash=item2616b9ba70:g:b7UAAOSwZcZchRJC - which you'd almost certainly get well within your budget.

If not, I suspect this would serve you very well: https://www.johnlewis.com/denon-d-m...a3jZP3TdN2FbJbwtPwxoC6VEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
OP wants an all-in-one though - there are quite a few like this, Cambridge Audio, Sony etc do at least one, but they all have outboard speakers.
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