wanted- a "starter" road bike for a friend (West Yorkshire)


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Hi all.

A friend of mine is looking to get his first road bike. Budgeting up to about £300. He's keeping a good eye on Ebay but nothing quite suitable as yet, so I thought I'd check here in case anyone happened to have something they want to sell, along these criteria:

- Suitable size for a 5' 6" man
- Road bike with drops
- Not too "aggressive" in geometry
- In decent nick, easy to maintain
- A nice low bottom gear, for easier introduction to the world of vicious hills

For example, we were looking at a Ribble Audax on ebay.

I appreciate that's quite specific! But thought it worth a post. He would be able to pick up in West Yorkshire. A reliable guy who I can definitely vouch for


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@DCLane what have you got ?


If he doesn’t mind riding a “children’s” bike at 5ft 6 he’d fit a Wiggins Rouen 700c 48cm seatpost frame (52cm top tube) . Can be picked up off eBay for around £200-£300 and right in budget. May need to spend £30 on a longer stem but that should be about it :smile:.

Light, good quality parts and the CX style chainset with short crank arms may benefit him as it’ll teach him to spin rather than grind. Can always swap it out a couple of notes to a 170 50/34 easy enough.

if cycling wasn’t for him, could be flipped on for not much loss.


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you think its worth more ? colin
Well, it would have been about £1,800 when new so if it is in good condition surely it must be? :whistle:

I would certainly be VERY happy to get a bike like that for £300! :okay:
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