1. Adam4868

    Tour de Yorkshire 2020

    Route announced. https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/tour-de-yorkshire-unveils-2020-race-route/
  2. DCLane

    Raleigh Loxley, minus wheels, saddle and rear derailleur - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    I've needed a spare pair of wheels for the Raleigh Pioneer and yesterday I picked up this Raleigh Loxley: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Raleigh-men-bike-for-spares-not-working-/223820211432 The rear mech (a Shimano TX35) was snapped, it's got a slightly bent hanger and needs a new chain, gear...
  3. Mike_P

    2020 Tour de Yorkshire

    The 2020 edition will be notably different as it will not feature the seafront finish at Scarborough, from the BBC. bbc.in/2KjNHMS Scarborough Council's confirmed it didn't put the borough forward as a start or finish location for the 2020 running of the race. The town's North Bay has hosted a...
  4. 13 rider

    Watching the UCI world championships Yorkshire

    4 of us Leicester Ccers and up for the weekend to catch the world champs around Harrogate .We have accommodation booked near York the basic plan is ride over in the morning head out up the course find a viewing spot then head back to Harrogate to try and find a spot while the group complete the...
  5. Richard A Thackeray

    Yorkshire Day

    Happy 'Glorious 1st'
  6. P

    Bike fit Yorkshire or Teesside

    Any recommendations for a decent bike fit service in Yorkshire / Teesside? I live in Thirsk, work in Leeds and have family on Teesside so a wide area considered! I'm just a leisure cyclist doing about 100 miles a week, my DIY fitting efforts have led to stiff Achilles one year and a really sore...
  7. roadrash

    tour de yorkshire (spoilers)

    Stage 1 underway and its absolutely pishing down,.... looking forward to this.
  8. Boopop

    Yorkshire Dales Route help please - Scar House Reservoir

    Afternoon all, Just double checking my planned route and going over details ready for my Blackpool to Newcastle tour starting Good Friday. Strava appears to have had one of its moments and has picked a section of road that isn't suitable for cars (according to Google Maps at least). Both Google...
  9. Sheffield_Tiger

    East Yorkshire - Tophill Low Towpath/Bridle Path

    Any East Yorkshire cyclists know what the bridleway alongside the Driffield Canal / River Hull ner Tophill Low is like - suitable for a cyclocross bike or does it need a full MTB? Planning a tootle up to the canal at Hempholme then back down a little way along the DN/Hull - I know the path...
  10. threebikesmcginty

    Welsh Ban on Yorkshire Parkin Cake

    This is the M4 between Cardiff and Swansea, spotted this painted on the road, I didn't know they felt quite this strongly about parkin but there's the proof.
  11. DCLane

    SOLD: Giant TCR Composite 1, Small - £300 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    Giant TCR Composite 1 in Small (50cm) carbon frame and forks. The forks are Wolf aero TT forks as this was originally a Time Trial bike, hence the ‘Iron Man’ logo on the LHS. Ultegra 6700 10 speed shifters with Ultegra 6700 front and rear derailleurs fitted. Comes with Ultegra 6800 rear and 6600...
  12. DCLane

    SOLD: Cervelo S3 48cm frameset - £550 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    For sale: Cervelo S3 frame, XS 48cm 2015 model. This is a 48cm (XS) Cervelo S3 frameset with seatpost. It’s the 2015 model and has been used in 2017 and 2018 for Under 14 racing. Only used in races in the past two years never for road rides and lightly used beforehand around the local park by...
  13. tom73

    Vuelta Espana coming to Yorkshire ... ?

    Following on from tdy launch day. It’s looking like Yorkshire is days away from formally setting a date to bring Vuelta Espana to town. Been in the mix for a few years be good to get a firm date...
  14. roadrash

    2019 tour of yorkshire route

    Announced today.... ..https://letour.yorkshire.com/the-latest/tour-de-yorkshire-2019-routes-announced-in-leeds/
  15. EasyPeez

    Good places to test & buy kids bikes in the North?

    My 10yr old daughter will be ready for a new bike this xmas. She's currently mulling over the options of a BMX, hybrid or a larger version of what she has now (classic town/dutch bike with wide handlebars, front basket etc). I've tried to explain the relative pros and cons of each, but really...
  16. RegG

    Tour de Yorkshire Ride 2019

    Does anyone know where the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride will be based in 2019? Entries are open but no routes/venues appear to have been published as yet........ Presumably it will follow previous formats in that it will finish in the same town/city as the TdY.
  17. Venod

    One for t Yorkshire Folk

    WHEN YOU KNOW UR YORKSHIRE: 1. To you, ‘chuffed’ is an emotion. 2. You say ‘eh’ whenever you dunt understand summat. 3. Ome med Yorkshire puds are onny option. 4. Yorkshire Tea is onny tea that exists. 5. Word ‘the’ int even a thing. 6. Ur accent strengthens when surrounded by fellow Yorkshire...
  18. bikingdad90

    Tour de Yorkshire 2018 Wiggle

    :highfive: a big hello to whoever passed me today with cyclechat bib tights and a black/blue waterproof about 20 miles in today? You passed me with a group of other cyclists. I was on the only black/green Boardman CX that I saw today with yellow waterproof jacket!
  19. Richard A Thackeray

    'The Yorkshire War-Time Experience'

    Someone has suggested this, as a day-out for the father-in-law & myself, next Sunday I know of it, but has anyone been to it??? "Attention!!"
  20. DCLane

    SOLD: Peugeot Course Record du Monde - 57cm - £75 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire

    This is a Peugeot Course Record du Monde Super Sport - frame tag 123 on the base - which has been re-sprayed with different decals from a Peugeot Super Competition, albeit about the same date of 1979-1981. Decals applied May 2018. Size: 57cm centre top of seat tube, top tube 57cm - fits me fine...
  21. Venod

    Good news from West Yorkshire

    Wakefield Police are running a campaign in the hope of trying to educate motorists about the safe passing of cyclists, I find that more drivers are giving me plenty of room when passing, but I still get the odd very close pass as if they are scared to cross the white line...
  22. Globalti

    Tour de Yorkshire day 4 timings?

    We want to cycle over to Kilnsey to watch on Sunday but when I go to the timings download page I'm getting a warning that the connection isn't secure and attackers might be trying to steal my information. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation, possibly something to do with my present...
  23. EasyPeez

    Tour de Yorkshire Highlights

    Can't see any sign of the full coverage or the highlights programme on the ITV hub. Anyone know what the deal is? Don't they make it available on catch up? Cheers.
  24. brommers

    Tour de Yorkshire **Spoiler Version**

    For general discussion please use the other thread.
  25. Julia9054

    North Yorkshire End of Term Blast 21st July

    Inspired by some of the brilliant forum rides we have been on, @Almartino and i thought we would organise one of our own. Starting in Knaresborough at 9.30, heading to Ripon via Bishop Monkton - including about half a mile of gravel - though Fountains Abbey deer park, then through Ripon to Wath...
  26. Venod

    Yorkshire people blowing their own trumpet.

    You know how us Yorkshire Folk are not shy in coming forward and generally getting on peoples tits with our boasting, well here's another boast. We are now making Trumpets for other people to blow and with Royal approval, how good is that...
  27. perplexed

    Great things that Yorkshire has given the world...

    Warning - Not safe for @Markymark http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4p9XPWFRnj6t1m1LDGDgG9s/eight-things-yorkshire-has-given-the-world No need to thank us...:smile:
  28. Sheffield_Tiger

    Anyone missing a Grey/Silver Cannondale with Roox Chain Dog & Lefty fork? South Yorkshire

    This is up for sale in a local facebook group Rings alarm bells as seller doesn't know model, or even size and asking for offers, so doesn't have a value Nothing other than a "feels wrong" so might be genuinely bought and reselling as you don't need to be a bike spec anorak to own or sell one...
  29. Richard A Thackeray

    2018 Tour de Yorkshire

    Stage towns, & route, announced No schedule yet https://letour.yorkshire.com/the-race/
  30. grellboy

    Bike choice: best option for riding in Autumnal Yorkshire Wolds

    This is a bit niche but anyway. I'm off to Bridlington in East Yorkshire on the beer on Saturday. Being a sad sort of individual - and living in flattest Norfolk - I thought it would also be a good opportunity to get some decent height gain for a change. So i thought I would get there early and...
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