1. DCLane

    1955/6 23" Carlton frameset - Catalina ? - £10 plus post Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    SWMBO is usually wonderful. But she's seen an accumulating pile of frames and stated "are these going for scrap?" The context being I'm in trouble. The damaged Woodrup frameset's gone, but at least it'll be repaired by @Illaveago . I'm keeping the recently-acquired Raleigh SBDU 653 frameset...
  2. DCLane

    SOLD: Boardman AirPro / Road Pro Carbon frameset with parts - 54cm Medium - £100 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    For sale is son no. 2's Boardman AirPro Carbon frameset in size 54cm Medium with components included. This is a 2011/2014 Boardman AirPro / Road Pro Carbon which was at some point re-sprayed matt black. Previously owned by a club-mate we bought it as a frame/seatpost in 2018. Since then it’s...
  3. DCLane

    SOLD: DBS Winner vintage road bike - 59cm - 10 speed - £50 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    This is a very rare DBS Winner road bike from Norway, dated approximately 1973, in a light metallic green. The frame has mudguard eyelets front and rear plus a selection of other Huret-style frame mounting points on the rear, possibly for a trailer. It's not light, but is a usable commuting /...
  4. Scaleyback

    SOLD : Yorkshire Dales Cycling Jersey

    Condition Used – like new Size Medium Lovely colourful Cycling Jersey. Stand out colours for safety. Could be for male or female This is a medium, I am approx 5' 9" and 160lb (72kg) A snug fit as it it designed to be. 3 rear pockets. Ex cond, no damage or marks. Used a few times...
  5. Blue Hills

    Yorkshire Santa

  6. DCLane

    SOLD: Claud Butler 531 24" frame touring bike, 14 speed, £60 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    This Claud Butler has come my way and I'd originally wanted it for a few parts. Apparently owned by an ex-pro rider it's in too good a condition simply to break. The frame is just over 24" so for tall or very tall, riders only. As someone of much more compact stature I've not even tested it...
  7. Joffey

    England : North Yorkshire Yorkshire Beast 2022

    https://velo29events.com/sportives/yorkshire-beast/ Anyone signed up for this event yet? 203 miles with 16,329 ft climbing. I'm going to sign up this week :eek: Anyone done it before?
  8. DCLane

    SOLD: Dawes Galaxy AL 52cm, 24 speed - £150 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    A 52cm Dawes Galaxy AL (aluminium) triple - with 3 x 8 Shimano Claris gearing and Dawes wheels. Features are: 6061 Aluminium frame, with steel fork. The frame has some minor wear marks and chips but otherwise is in good condition. Shimano Claris (ST-2400) 8 speed / triple left gears - NEW...
  9. DCLane

    SOLD: Raleigh Strada 531 62cm frame with Shimano LX Sport groupset, £100. Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    This is a 62cm frame Raleigh Strada with Reynolds 531 butted tubes for someone well above 6 feet tall. It's as per page 4 of Raleigh's catalogue here: http://www.retrobike.co.uk/gallery2/d/104192-2/Raleigh+Lightweights+1989.pdf All original except for black rather than cream brake hoods and a...
  10. G

    Yorkshire Dales cycle way.

    Planning a holiday in North Yorkshire as soon as it’s legal and possible. Want to take bikes. My Wife has just got a new good quality electric bike. We are in Whitby and then Kirkby Stephen. Looking on Sustrans, Whitby to Scarborough looks good. Then the North York’s cycleway looks amazing...
  11. DCLane

    SOLD Daytona ladies road bike, £10 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    I bought this Daytona for a part this week but picked it up cheaply elsewhere. So, before I part it out and sell the components would anyone be interested: The seatpost moves and is probably at my 5' 8" height so I'm guessing it's for about 5' 2" - 5' 6" in reality. Everything works, wheels...
  12. postman

    Yorkshire puddings.

    Mrs P is struggling to get Yorkshire puddings to rise.No not mine.So lard is in a shallow tray turning blue but they turn out like disks.Come on help let me be the one to do a tray of four perfect puddings.Get yer thinking caps on.
  13. Venod

    Yorkshire dialect

    I read and recognised all these without difficulty, can you. WHEN YOU KNOW UR YORKSHIRE: 1. To you, ‘chuffed’ is an emotion. 2. You say ‘eh’ whenever you dunt understand summat. 3. Ome med Yorkshire puds are onny option. 4. Yorkshire Tea is onny tea that exists. 5. Word ‘the’ int even a thing...
  14. F

    Wanted - Carrera Crixus in Yorkshire

    As per the title I’m looking for a Carrera Crixus in the Grey/Green colour scheme. Ideally looking to spend around £150 but willing to pay more for a mint one. Size 51cm/medium. Please let me know if you are selling or know someone selling one. Cheers
  15. RegG

    2020 Tour de Yorkshire Ride - Refunds following cancellation......

    Has anyone heard anything lately from the organisers of the 2020 TdY Ride re refunds of entry fees? The last I heard, over a month ago, was that it was all dependant on ASO and the Tour de France?!?!? Or are they simply trying not to give refunds......
  16. DCLane

    SOLD 1991 GT All Terra Outpost Trail 21 speed MTB - 20" frame - Dewsbury, Yorkshire - £50

    This is an original 1991 GT All Terra Outpost Trail mountain bike - 4130 steel frame and forks without suspension. Limited used evident and everything works well, although it has gained a few chips in storage over time. Frame size is 20.5" / 52cm so a Large but would fit 5' 7" - 6" Bought used...
  17. tom73

    Injured cyclist 'deliberately' struck in York hit-and-run

    Appeal for information https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-52825213 Two cyclists injured one now left with a broken back in what looks to be deliberate attack On Monday 25th May 2020 B122, about a mile south of Naburn marina between 10:30 to 10:50 BST struck by a dark...
  18. Starchivore

    wanted- a "starter" road bike for a friend (West Yorkshire)

    Hi all. A friend of mine is looking to get his first road bike. Budgeting up to about £300. He's keeping a good eye on Ebay but nothing quite suitable as yet, so I thought I'd check here in case anyone happened to have something they want to sell, along these criteria: - Suitable size for a 5'...
  19. Landsurfer

    Recommendations for a Powder Coating firm in the South Yorkshire area please.

    Lovely 501 frame with forged ends, but chipped .... SO ... Recommendations for a Powder Coating firm in the South Yorkshire area please.
  20. DCLane

    SOLD: wheels, mudguards and pedals - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    All sold via eBay. Having had a shed clear-out and a distinct lack of space I've listed the following: American Classic 420 rear wheel - Shimano 10 speed freehub - £40 start: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164156793077 Boardman SLR Elite Five wheelset - Shimano 11 speed freehub - £60 start...
  21. NorthernDave

    Leeds - Liverpool canal West Yorkshire section ride?

    Hi - just wanting to probe the collective CycleChat wisdom, about cycling alongside the Leeds - Liverpool canal, if anyone can chip in? I'm struggling to get motivated to get out and ride at the moment, for various reasons, so I thought I'd put the hybrid back on the road (last ridden over a...
  22. DCLane

    Raleigh Loxley, minus wheels, saddle and rear derailleur - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    I've needed a spare pair of wheels for the Raleigh Pioneer and yesterday I picked up this Raleigh Loxley: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Raleigh-men-bike-for-spares-not-working-/223820211432 The rear mech (a Shimano TX35) was snapped, it's got a slightly bent hanger and needs a new chain, gear...
  23. Mike_P

    2020 Tour de Yorkshire

    The 2020 edition will be notably different as it will not feature the seafront finish at Scarborough, from the BBC. bbc.in/2KjNHMS Scarborough Council's confirmed it didn't put the borough forward as a start or finish location for the 2020 running of the race. The town's North Bay has hosted a...
  24. 13 rider

    Watching the UCI world championships Yorkshire

    4 of us Leicester Ccers and up for the weekend to catch the world champs around Harrogate .We have accommodation booked near York the basic plan is ride over in the morning head out up the course find a viewing spot then head back to Harrogate to try and find a spot while the group complete the...
  25. Richard A Thackeray

    Yorkshire Day

    Happy 'Glorious 1st'
  26. P

    Bike fit Yorkshire or Teesside

    Any recommendations for a decent bike fit service in Yorkshire / Teesside? I live in Thirsk, work in Leeds and have family on Teesside so a wide area considered! I'm just a leisure cyclist doing about 100 miles a week, my DIY fitting efforts have led to stiff Achilles one year and a really sore...
  27. roadrash

    tour de yorkshire (spoilers)

    Stage 1 underway and its absolutely pishing down,.... looking forward to this.
  28. Boopop

    Yorkshire Dales Route help please - Scar House Reservoir

    Afternoon all, Just double checking my planned route and going over details ready for my Blackpool to Newcastle tour starting Good Friday. Strava appears to have had one of its moments and has picked a section of road that isn't suitable for cars (according to Google Maps at least). Both Google...
  29. Sheffield_Tiger

    East Yorkshire - Tophill Low Towpath/Bridle Path

    Any East Yorkshire cyclists know what the bridleway alongside the Driffield Canal / River Hull ner Tophill Low is like - suitable for a cyclocross bike or does it need a full MTB? Planning a tootle up to the canal at Hempholme then back down a little way along the DN/Hull - I know the path...
  30. threebikesmcginty

    Welsh Ban on Yorkshire Parkin Cake

    This is the M4 between Cardiff and Swansea, spotted this painted on the road, I didn't know they felt quite this strongly about parkin but there's the proof.
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