Yorkshire dialect


Eh up
I read and recognised all these without difficulty, can you.


1. To you, ‘chuffed’ is an emotion.
2. You say ‘eh’ whenever you dunt understand summat.
3. Ome med Yorkshire puds are onny option.
4. Yorkshire Tea is onny tea that exists.
5. Word ‘the’ int even a thing.
6. Ur accent strengthens when surrounded by fellow Yorkshire folk.
7. Red roses simply dunt exist.
8. Ur referred to as ‘r lass’ or ‘r lad’.
9. You’ve fallen victim to bread cake / tea cake argument.
10. You’ve also fallen victim to a scone vs scon pronunciation face-off.
11. Ur in your bikini or shorts at owt above 15 degrees.
12. A Sunday roast int just tradition, it’s LAW.
13. Tha knew what a ‘mardy bum’ was before Arctic Monkeys.
14. "M'off t'shop" meks perfect sense.
15. Lunch is dinner n dinner is tea.
16. Ur able to drop c-bomb in everyday conversation.
17. You understand the phrase ‘tin tin tin’.
18. Tha luv a bargain.
19. You like what you seh n seh what you bloody well like.
20. You bring up Yorkshire as often as you possibly can.
21. If you ask for Spice you know tha'll get sweets not nutmeg or paprika.
22. When someone asks "shoot bed" you know ur in early.
23. Thas bought meat from meat van at car boot.
24. U actually talk to folk on public transport n in street.
25. U've sed "Ow Much!"
26. Been to Pie Shop after a night art.
27. Tha'nos Kes n Billy.
28. "It'll b'reyt" can be answer to any problem.
29. Also a brew can solve owt.
30. You know where there's muck, there's brass.
31. Nowt starts wi letter "H".
32. Ur used t'sporting success but ard times in football.
33. U know someone who used t'werk darn pit.
34. That 'ouse int middle of M62 is a sign ur cumin 'ome or goin t'dark side.
35. Name "Thatcher" brings instant anger.
36. When ur sick someone will allus tell u summat is goin raand
37. Ur mam wud try n palm u off wi a choc ice when Icecream van cum raand.
38. Thas a pro at Kerby.
39. Ad a few clips raand lug oyle as a young un.
40. Gip is a word.


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Do I count as mostly Yorkshire of the 40 I don’t recognise 9,13,16,17 and 32 on count of been too young. The remainder of me is made up of scouse and irish

And as for the M62, don’t get me started. I spent 8hours trying to get back from Manchester on Saturday after a crash on the M62, the whole of Dewsbury and Kirklees was blocked as the 5 lanes of traffic were diverted off the motorway. We didn’t take the A58 instead cut across Bradford onto M621 to save some time.

https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www....news/m62-closed-junction-26-live-18811936.amp Hope the
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It's just an arbitrarily defined administrative district, you know.
Avaunt! Avaunt! Begone foul fiend!


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Depends where in Yorkshire, don't know some of them but there's others we use over ere which are pretty unique to us. I'm guessing a lot of them are Westies?
Yes, from the Tees to the Humber and over to far too close to 'that place', we vary in speech. I suspect the writer is from Down South and West in Gods Own County.
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Mostly West Riding.
Makes us sound thick
Please let’s stop typecasting Northerners. Northerners typecasting us is even worse.
The county is a fine place, with a huge and subtly varied lexicon - but I for one am bored by this incessant music hall nonsense.


The Yorkshire dialect is increasingly limited to the older residents. Thanks to the homogenisation of language via the digital age, I don't hear it much amongst the 20-30 somethings.
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