Yorkshire Dales cycle way.


Planning a holiday in North Yorkshire as soon as it’s legal and possible. Want to take bikes. My Wife has just got a new good quality electric bike. We are in Whitby and then Kirkby Stephen. Looking on Sustrans, Whitby to Scarborough looks good. Then the North York’s cycleway looks amazing. Anyone done these please.

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I've done bits of it.

The Whitby Scarborough track is notoriously rough, particularly if there's been any wet weather.

I read somewhere about some improvements, but they may have gone the journey due to Covid.

The rest of the North Yorks Cycleway has to be some of the best road cycling in the country, but it's very up and down.

It would be easy enough to flatten an ebike battery in 20 or 30 miles.

Some of the individual gradients are proper steep, requiring reasonably competent bike handling skills.


Whitby to Scarborough "cinder track" is still in a bit of state. you need at least a CX bike if not a hardtail mountain bike, and it gets very muddy if there has been rain around, which is a shame as it should be a great route, as its very scenic.

As soon as you venture far from Whitby it gets brutally steep - the NY Moors are very up and down and unrelenting, the man A roads (171 169 174) are busy, particularly in summer and there isnt a road down the bottom of the Esk valley beyond Sleights.
For example this was me trying to pick a not too hilly route to loosen the legs before a sportve, its Ok as far a Grosmont, then you either turn back or face a large climb with 20% gradients. and that was a short route - any major distance and you've got a lot more hills

The NY Dales have some bigger "trophy" climbs but more flatter stuff in valleys> with some careful route planning you could do a nice circular ride or two from KS which would be less brutal.


Are there any other good/safe rides around that area ?
It's all safe in The Dales. Just get yourself on a route planner and plot away. It will be hilly though so you are better off trying to make up a route yourself as you will know what you can manage.

There are some lovely climbs in the area and they are challenging but it is possible to do a 20-30 mile loop on the relative flat (it will still be 1,000-2,000ft climbing though).


cheeky pint at The Forge on your way back to Dunsley Hall I see?:okay:
It had to be done. Ended up being two as there was a torrential downpour which made the decision for a second quite easy!
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