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  1. slow Al

    slow Al Senior Member

    Can anyone recommend brand of socks to keep my toes warm. I already wear Northwave Gortex winter shoes, however my toes still get chilled.

    Many thanks,

    Slow Al
  2. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Overshoes would probably be more effective, don't get ones that are very tight, there should be enough gap to trap air.

    More or thicker socks may restrict blood to your toes and/or decrease the amount of warm air that can be trapped.
  3. Blonde

    Blonde New Member

    Bury, Lancashire
    You needs merino wool socks. Very warm but a lot less bulky than synthetic ones of similar warmth. Smartwool and Defeet are some brands. When I did 200 km on an icy minus three day I wore a very thin/wicking pair of synthetic socks by 1000mile that i usually wear for 30 degree heat, and my warmest Defeet 'Woolie Boolie' socks over the top. I also wore Assos overshoes over my shoes and it worked a treat. Usually on my commute (13 miles each way) I only need to wear the Woolie Boolies on their own and without overshoes though, even when it's below freezing. You also need to make sure your shoes are not too tight. Shoes with plenty of toe room will be warmer.
  4. New socks, never before worn are always best, no matter what type. Once they've been washed, or worn for more than a few hours, they lose that nice fluffiness that makes them warm.

    Trouble is, if you buy new socks for every ride, you'll soon have an awful lot of socks...
  5. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    waiting for the adaptor for my new Diadora chillies, getting on alright with overshoes but it's one more bit of hassle to put on take off every trip, that and the overshoes won't last daily use

    merino socks noted
  6. slow down

    slow down New Member

    Second the Woolie Boolies - I use them with the same Northwave shoes and have never had an issue with cold feet/toes.
  7. Commuter

    Commuter New Member

    Sell them on Ebay - it's amazing what crap seems to sell on there ..
  8. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    I haven't got merino socks but I just use the M&S Lambswool ones that you can buy in a pack of five, I think I have about three packs altogether! :angry:
    Ther are fine for work but also keep my toes warm on the commute too. :angry:
  9. OP
    slow Al

    slow Al Senior Member

    Many thanks for your replies and recommendations, I will certainly try the Woolie boolies as soon as I can.

    Happy cycling.


    Slow Al
  10. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    you wear merino OVER synthetic?
    i would have done it the other way round, merino's good next to the skin
  11. Blue

    Blue Legendary Member

    N Ireland
    If you are interested, M&S do merino as well.
  12. bianco

    bianco New Member

    By any chance, do you work for M & S marketing?
  13. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    If you do, can you nick me a few pairs? ;)
  14. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    got my diadora chillis. got my cleats, got the adaptors

    damn the cleats stick out, no fun walking in them I can tell you, lots of sock work coming up

    short ride to the sorting office tomorrow, well, three odd miles anyway

    and then the barbers, two odd miles

    and hopefully all set for Monday
  15. OP
    slow Al

    slow Al Senior Member

    Well out today in sunny but chilly Renfrewshire, quick 25 miles with my new pair of Woolie Boolie socks on.

    Tootsies were still nice and warm on my return, yet another excellent piece of cycling gear.

    Again many thanks for the recommendation.

    Slow Al
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