Warning sign near tram lines - new?



I spotted this earlier today near some newly laid tram lines. Don't think I've seen one before. Is it a recognised sign or is someone making things up as they go along?

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Those tram lines on the sign look very dangerous. A tram could derail on those... :whistle:


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We have warning signs about crossing tracks in South Manchester, but as most of us have encountered them in the city centre for many years its not an issue. Same can't be said for the folk that drive cars down the tram lanes every day and get stuck. The tracks have been in construction for a few years, the first time a barrier gets removed, they drive down them.

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In Melbourne, we've either heard about another cyclist gettting a wheel stuck next to a tram line, or we've done it ourselves. The lesson is learned, and we generally don't repeat it. Do we need yet another sign warning us of a potential hazard? That's arguable.


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To be fair, if you're that myopic that you can't spot a metal rail that's several miles long are you likely to spot a metal sign that's only 50cm high?


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The group is PEDALS, who've been the around since the late 70's and I think you mean 'choose' to cycle and not 'need'
Let's compromise on 'want' to cycle. Pedals website doesn't work on my mobile so no further comment on them for now. So only one group, not "groups"?

@Drago anyone can get unlucky and lose at Rail Roulette. I don't think Sean Phillips was stupid, or many other riders who have fallen on rails, including at least two of my relatives. Rails across are fine but rails along routes is a bad idea.
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