Wash yer bidons properly!

I always try to kep my water bottles clean and sanitary, treating them to an overnight fill of hot water and two Steradent tablets. However, I noticed an unpleasant taste from my Zipvit-logo'd bottle yesterday so decided to do a soak. Checked it this morning and noticed some black staining around the inside of the moving part of the nozzle, Took it to bits and found this;



That black crud will not come off, despite some energetic scrubbing so I can only assume that mould or similar has got into the silicone rubber of the nozzle. And to think, I've been drinking through that!! xx(


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Mine go in the dishwasher after each use


I am a peasant. The only dishwasher we have is my wife (when she gives me a night off). So like VamP I use Milton periodically.


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What a waste of money when tap water costs something like £0.006 per litre!

But just think.... if you refilled your mineral water bottles from the tap, people would still think you were unusually wealthy!


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Rinse, freezer. Job done. Fresh bottles every time

I rinse mine, then put the whole bottle in the freezer and also the top but separate them and i have been doing that for 6 months with the same 2 bottles and just checked them and clean as a whistle so agree with YahudaMoon


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Some of you lot scare the wits out of me.
I've just been rinsing out my bottles and putting them back in a kitchen cupboard after use, a maintenance regime that has been in place since I got them with the bike twelve years ago.
On reading this thread I inspected the bottles and lids with a magnifying glass and can't see anything untoward.
Should I get a new magnifying glass?
I rinse and allow to throughly dry before putting them away, and from time to time they go int the dishwasher.

I also use Camelbak Podium bottles so my fluid tastes exactly as it should due to the, "Trutaste Polypropylene with hydroguard which lets you taste your water, not your bottle" :wacko:

It might seem like Camelbak are trying to baffle with bull$hit but it works. I hate the taste of fluids out of standard plastic bottles xx(
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