Watch out, Beadle's not about


Quite agree. Beadle was a staple diet for us on a Saturday evening. I didn't even know he was long-term ill.

Cheddar George

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Likewise, i found him increasingly more irritating over the years. I just read a report on his death and they estimate he raised £100 million for various charities, even if that figure is not accurate it's still an awful lot of money.
Are you sure he's dead? - I would want to make doubly sure it wasn't a prank!

Whether you liked him or not there is no doubt that his charitable work ouweighs anything else.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I was not a big fan of his but did watch and enjoy the show when I was in the UK. As always it's sad to hear when someone has 'passed on'!!


I know little about the guy but am aware of his reputation as the figure everyone 'loved to hate'. It's always sad when someone is taken from us, so young*...

*(contemplates one's own forthcoming birthday :sad:)


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Today as the nation is in mourning for Jeremy Beadle, his official autopsy was released…………… apparently he had a small d!ck but on the other hand it was quite big!!!

It will be a cremation and screened on ITV “You’ve been flamed” Wednesday at 7


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Police are suggesting Jeremy Beadles death may be suspicious ..........

Next to his body they found a single black glove, they are not ruling out the posibility that the glove may have had a small hand in it.
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