Watch out for other cyclists


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Normally I worry about being whacked from behind by a car. I woke up in hospital on Wednesday with various injuries apparently having been hit from behind by another cyclist. It's probably good that I have no memory from slightly before the incident on Tuesday morning. I've various injuries including broken ribs, broken collar bone, two broken vertebrae and I now have lots of metal work in my knee. The bruising is pretty impressive now.

I haven't seen the bike but it's pretty bashed too. Going to be off my feet for at least six weeks :sad:


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Did the other cyclist at least stop?

Forget the bike, worry about getting yourself back in working order. Then you can bother about the bike. Spare parts for you are harder come by.

Are you still in hospital or at home?


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Wow! I hope they stopped.

That's a nasty collection of injuries. Having had 6 broken ribs let them heal slowly.


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Accra, Ghana
Oh, oh Anne. So sorry. Being hit by another cyclist is something you never normally think about but I do here due to idiots riding on the wrong side of the road but they're coming towards you.

Get well soon.
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